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    "Charity - a priceless quality of a person". Great help is made up of many small ones. If one person can help at least a little bit, then it is necessary to combine all comers, and the amount of aid miraculously increase into thousands, tens of thousands times.


We invite you to the Jubilee

18.04.02We invite you to the Jubilee - we are 25 years old!
The educational complex "Ilim", in the person of the collective of adults and children, has the honor to invite colleagues, friends, partners, parents to celebrate our Jubilee - we are 25 years old!

Open Day

18.04.01Open days in the kindergarten of the Ilim Educational Complex on April 2-4 as part of the celebration of the 25th anniversary of Ilim EC.

Day of Earth protection

18.03.30March, 30 was the Day of Earth Protection and International Bird Day. We held thematic class hours, excursions and trips to the park. The international action "Hour of the Earth" has passed in many countries. This action is a symbol of careful attitude to nature. Year after year, this event brings attention to the need for a

International Internet Olympiad

18.03.23Stambekov Almas, a pupil of the 8th class, participated in the online physics Olympiad on the topic "Ohm's Law for the Circuit" - 28.02.18 and "Sources of Light" on 20.03.18 and took 1st place.

Winning in sports!

18.03.22Athletes from Kyrgyzstan won 14 medals at the annual international competition for ballroom dancing Taraz Open 2018, which took place on March 17-18 in Taraz (Kazakhstan).
Dance couples from Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus

Congratulations on the victory!

18.03.24Global Money Week (GMW) is held annually in many countries of the world and the number of participating countries is growing steadily.
This year, the World Money Week, which has become traditional, was launched on 12 March. The main goal of the event is to increase the financial literacy of children

Our achievements

18.03.20Our head teacher Urumbaeva Flura Kasymovna received the certificate of the school accreditation expert. Now Flura Kasymovna will participate in the process of accrediting schools that implement basic and secondary general education programs.

"Everything that is done - done for the better!"

Ibragimova Gaisha Dzhusupbekovna

"With each new understanding we cease to be the same, are changed forever!"

Esenalieva Gulzhamal Dzhusupbekovna