The mission of "ILIM"

Through the partnership of teachers, parents and students to the success of every person to the prosperity of the country!

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Tour of the EC "Ilim"

Today we will give you a tour of our educational complex Ilim. We have created all conditions for the development, upbringing, education and health of children in accordance with modern requirements. And...

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Kindergarten "Ilim"

All parents wonder how our kindergarten looks from the inside. Ilim Kindergarten is a place where your child will be comfortable. We have created all the conditions for the development, upbringing,...

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Online lessons

The transition to distance education is a new and not simple process both for students and teachers. But, as you know, people can cope with any problem, if they had a desire! And we have it. Teachers...

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Distance Education at Ilim

The teachers and students of Ilim will have to gain a unique experience. For the quarantine period, we switch to online training. This is done in order not to lose school weeks, which are so important...

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Preparation of video lessons

It is doubly difficult to captivate a child with an object outside the walls of the school. Therefore, teachers are suitable for preparing material with all their knowledge and creativity. High-quality...

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Infection Prevention at "Ilim"

Ilim is confident that well-designed preventive measures will help prevent the spread of the virus. Therefore, special attention was paid here to these measures! Providing school and kindergarten...

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Calendar of events

April, 24

International Dance Day

April, 28

International Book Day

May, 8

75 years! Victory Day!

May, 25

The Last Bell. "SchoolNika"

About success and values

General Director of the Ilim Educational Complex Gaisha Ibragimova speaks about the importance of developing leadership skills

Video tour

Have you already been to visit us? No? What a pity, because it’s great here! We filmed a virtual tour of our complex for you, so that you can plunge into the atmosphere of our everyday life at a distance.

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