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    "Charity - a priceless quality of a person". Great help is made up of many small ones. If one person can help at least a little bit, then it is necessary to combine all comers, and the amount of aid miraculously increase into thousands, tens of thousands times.


Kindergarten "Ilim"

19.11.08All parents wonder how our kindergarten looks from the inside. Ilim Kindergarten is a place where your child will be comfortable. We have created all the conditions for the development, upbringing, education and health of children in accordance with modern requirements. You have a unique opportunity to see how children

Robotex International

19.12.03Our Ilimians Arsen Muktarov and Islam Zakirov will take part in the international robotics Olympiad, which will be held in Estonia. From November 29 to December 1, the Robotex International festival of robotics will be held in the capital's exhibition center of Estonia, which will bring together participants from 40

Robotics in kindergarten

19.11.15That's how the kids from the preparatory group of the Ilim kindergarten conduct fun classes in LEGO and robotics. Classes in robotics are included in the preschool and school curriculum. LEGO and robotics develop fine motor skills and spatial imagination, as well as sociability, the ability to plan their actions and work in

40th General Conference of UNESCO

19.11.14Our leaders, the general director Gaisha Ibragimova and the executive director Guljamal Yesenalieva are at the 40th general conference of UNESCO now, which takes place in Paris. The general conference is held every two years, and the Ilim educational complex takes part in it as an associated school of UNESCO.

Seminar “Accreditation is the key to quality”

19.11.07On November 5-6, Flyura Kasymovna holds a seminar "Accreditation is the key to quality", organized by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Kyrgyz Republic. Flyura Kasymovna Urumbaeva is a certified trainer for the training of experts of the accreditation commission for secondary schools.

IlimTechFest in the EC "Ilim - Osh"

19.11.06Today in our Ilim-Osh branch the IlimTechFest Robotics Olympiad is taking place for the first time! Teams from the cities of Osh, Jalal-Abad, Batken, Kadamzhai and Kyzyl-Kiya are participating in the Olympiad! Participants have prepared their autonomous robots and are ready for battle.

Programming Olympiad

19.11.05Dear Parents! An invitation to students of grades 1-6 to take part in the Central Asian Scratch Programming Olympiad is available at http://www.cg.kg/olympiad. The Olympics will be held from November 24 to December 8. But now, registered participants will be able to get acquainted with the technology of game design

International Olympiad in Antalya

19.10.26The International Olympiad was held in Antalya from October 30 to November 4, 2019. The competition was attended by students from 17 countries (Russia, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Armenia, Cuba, Cameroon, Pakistan, Georgia, etc.) and more than 1000 participants. Оur Ilimiens performed with dignity.

"Everything that is done - done for the better!"

Ibragimova Gaisha Dzhusupbekovna

"With each new understanding we cease to be the same, are changed forever!"

Esenalieva Gulzhamal Dzhusupbekovna