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    "Charity - a priceless quality of a person". Great help is made up of many small ones. If one person can help at least a little bit, then it is necessary to combine all comers, and the amount of aid miraculously increase into thousands, tens of thousands times.


Forum "Teacher - National Treasure of the Country!"

19.10.06At the beginning of the academic year, with the support of the National Commission of the Kyrgyz Republic for UNESCO, the UNESCO Associated Schools Network of Kyrgyzstan, the Association "Union of Educational Institutions" and the Soros-Kyrgyzstan Foundation, Marathon of the best confessions "Teacher in my

Outdoor chess

19.10.05That's so fun our Ilimians play chess in the open air! The game of chess broadens the mind, teaches you to think, be attentive, remember, compare, generalize, anticipate the results of your activities. Develops ingenuity and logical thinking. The child develops endurance, willpower, perseverance, mindfulness and

Happy Teacher's Day!

19.10.04Our dear teachers! Congratulations on your teacher's day! We greatly appreciate the generosity of your loving hearts, your patience and understanding, dedication and love for your students! We wish you good health, vitality of your body and spirit, joy from your hard work and all the best of luck in your personal life!

Field school

19.10.03This time, the students of elementary grades went to the classes of a field school with their parents. The lessons in nature were very informative and interesting. And in the afternoon the kids played enough in the fresh air. The practice of the field school shows that the adaptation of first-graders or new students is much faster.

Sports game "Zarnitsa"

19.09.21Today, kids in the Ilim kindergarten played "Zarnitsa". Zarnitsa is a military-sports game, familiar to our grandparents. Good traditions should be maintained and developed! An unobtrusive way to tell kids about the types of troops, what this or that military equipment is called, and also to give a useful direction to children's

Teacher in my life

19.09.19In the most difficult times in the history of mankind, the return to life begins with school, with the Teacher! Happy is the man who was lucky, and in childhood he met Teacher, who led him on the broad road of Life, arming him with faith in himself, a good attitude to the world and himself, hard work and zeal!

Educational activities in EC "Ilim"

19.09.16In the Ilim Educational Complex, the process of introducing innovations never stops! We always support the most interesting ideas. As you know, we have integrated classes with LEGO and robotics. Children create robots and program them themselves. And this academic year we will devote to research works in

We invite you to kindergarten "Ilim"

19.09.22Dear Parents! We have open recruitment in groups for children from 2 to 7 years. The amount of the monthly payment includes: Grammar, Speech development, TRIZ (theory of solving inventive problems), Maths, Modeling and application, Fine Arts, LEGO and design, Music, English language, Kyrgyz language, Developing

"Everything that is done - done for the better!"

Ibragimova Gaisha Dzhusupbekovna

"With each new understanding we cease to be the same, are changed forever!"

Esenalieva Gulzhamal Dzhusupbekovna