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    "Charity - a priceless quality of a person". Great help is made up of many small ones. If one person can help at least a little bit, then it is necessary to combine all comers, and the amount of aid miraculously increase into thousands, tens of thousands times.


Competition for the best song about "Ilim"

17.12.30Dear parents, teachers, educators, employees, graduates and students of the "Ilim"!
We know how talented you are! We ask you not to hide your talent any more. January 20, 2018 will be a contest for the best song about "Ilim". The winner of

"25 good deeds"

17.12.29"In 2018 the educational complex "Ilim" will be full 25 years old. Thinking about how to celebrate this jubilee, we decided that the end-to-end idea would be the statement of the sage Khalil. He said this: "If I'm not for myself, then who is for me?" If not now, then when? But if I'm just for myself, then what am I for?".

Reviews of parents

17.12.28We were very glad to see you, dear Elena Mihailovna! Since September we have tried to look into the kindergarten, to see you and thank you for upbringing and excellent knowledge gained from you and Tatyana Ivanovna! Yes, the school is not a cheerful and carefree kindergarten. We understood this at the beginning

New Year's holiday for disabled children

17.12.27Today in "Ilim" there is a charity matinee for the children from the Children's Rehabilitation Center "Umut-Hope". Our students prepared a real holiday for the guests with a New Year concert program and gifts. And of course, we will be joined by Grandfather Frost and the heroes of your favorite fairy tales.

Winning in sports!

17.12.26Congratulations to Ilim pupils with sports victories.
The pupil of our kindergarten, four-year-old Jan Aydin from the group "Fantazery" participated in the swimming championship at a distance of 25 meters freestyle and took 3rd place.

Happy New Year 2018!

17.12.21Dear Kyrgyzstan citizens! Happy New Year 2018!

Celebration of this wonderful holiday is one of our most warm, heartfelt traditions. It is transmitted from generation to generation, uniting all of us. And so we sincerely rejoice the New Year, meet it with hope and dreams for the future

Letter of thanks

17.12.22Dear Ilim,
I am really thankful that in the year 2006 or so, my mom made the decision to bring me to this school. And I am really thankful that the school provided necessary discount so that I will be able to study in the school.

New Year's miracle

17.12.20Father of one of our students Ihiyarov Ishar and his friend Hakim Daurov brought to "Ilim" three large boxes and a bag with toys. These are gifts for children from orphanages who are waiting very much for Santa Claus, a New Year's miracle and a little love.

"Everything that is done - done for the better!"

Ibragimova Gaisha Dzhusupbekovna

"With each new understanding we cease to be the same, are changed forever!"

Esenalieva Gulzhamal Dzhusupbekovna