Mental arithmetic

SMARTUM - is a network of centers of mental arithmetic and development of the intellect.

We help children from 4 up to 16 years to develop their potential, enhance creativity and quick thinking by means of simple and exciting lessons.

Mental arithmetic SMARTUM - an innovative, highly effective course of improving intellectual capacity built on the basis of the oral account system.

The basic principle of mental arithmetic is the simultaneous operation of both hemispheres of the brain. Developing their intellect by mental arithmetic program, children lay a solid foundation for further success and development of the creative personality.

Mental arithmetic is a compulsory subject in the school curriculum in Japan and China, and developing as extracurricular activity in other countries.

Classes of mental arithmetic develop in children:

  • Independence, the ability to make decisions
  • Concentration of attention
  • Photographic memory
  • Speed of information perception
  • Self confidence
  • Creative thinking
  • Success in study
  • Imagination

Reviews of parents

We are engaged in arithmetic since September. In addition to the ability to quickly count our memory increased by many times. It was difficult to learn poetries by hart before. Now we learn them in one day. We look forward to the lessons every Saturday. Our child really likes it.

Olga Sergienko

My son started his lessons of mental arithmetic when he was 3,8 years old. During these six months he changed noticeably in terms of mental development. He easily learns poetries or words for the morning performances at kindergarten even they are without rhyme!

Diana Kuznetsova

Yesterday my son brought a certificate "Best mathematician" from school. We believe it is largely a merit of the course of mental arithmetic. Our son was counting the tasks to ten on his fingers. Now he easily counts double digits mentally.

Alina Yaroshina

Educational Complex "Ilim" invites you to study at our center "Smartum"!
You will be amazed at the results.