School of the 21st century

 Objective: The project "School of the 21st Century" in Kyrgyzstan operates under the same name of an international project initiated by U.S. teachers. The project combines the efforts of students from 11 countries. The main objective of the project - interactive forms of learning. Students working in the project, learn about the world and take an active part in its development, consolidating their efforts with students around the world.

Form of work: practical work, live chat via the Internet with students of other states, conferences, shows, competitions, etc.


  • February 9, 2012 passed Interscholastic Conference on Foundations of Computer Science and engineering, where were invited students from a private school "REFAL" and School - Lyceum at KNAU after K. I. Scriabin.
  • The result of the project of 2013-2014 academic years became computer presentations of students of 5-6 grades to fifth grade history textbook. Pupils of 4 classes created 4 video film on "The wreath of congratulations". From the slides of film were made greeting cards and brochures on March 8 and May 9.
  • The result of the 2014-15 academic year: students of 4 classes created 44 articles for electronic encyclopedia "Issyk-Kul from A to Z". 2014-15 academic year was declared as the year of research expeditions, under the theme "Issyk-Kul - the national wealth of Kyrgyzstan." Children's electronic encyclopedia was created as part of this project.