We express our gratitude on behalf of our entire family for the excellent organizational work of EC "Ilim", for your hard work and great love for our children. Our children came to you not in the beginning of September and classes were already completed. Thank you that have taken our children, surrounded by care, attention, and comfort. EC "Ilim" has become a second home for our children and the teaching staff became second parents. Thanks and low bow to you for your noble work.

Gromyko L.S.

On behalf of our entire family we would like to thank the teacher Losihina Valentina Alexandrovna and educator Saprykina Svetlana Vladimirovna. It is good to know that these people play an active role in shaping the personality of our children, helping to discover new faces, to develop new social roles. During this school year, these teachers gave a lot of effort and love to our children. We are very grateful to them for their work and we kindly ask the Director and Administration of EC "Ilim" to express gratitude to teachers of 1 "A" class and mark their work by diplomas.

Gromyko L.S.

The staff of the Centre for Applied Education of Kyrgyzstan warmly congratulates all employees of the Educational Complex with Happy New Year 2016. Let the coming year brings you all many happy moments!

Dear principals and teachers of the "Ilim" Educational Complex! Svetlana G. Kateneva sends you huge greetings from Novosibirsk and wishes you patience, health, and our dear complex a success and prosperity.This complex has truly talented teachers, and I am very proud that I work with you.Here, in Russia, I often hear about myself "we have not met a teacher of such a level before". Thank you for the experience and for the warm atmosphere that I often remember with love. Good luck with your hard work!

Svetlana G. Kateneva

Our children, Joseph (preparatory group of kindergarten) and Nicole (3 "B" class) attended EC "Ilim" within 2 years. During this time we became very attached to teachers, educators, and friends we have here. "Ilim" from the first day accepted us very hospitably. The social lifeflowslikea rough stream here. Teaching staff consistsof wonderful, responsive, courteous, attentive and caringpeople.
Matinees and holidays are being prepared so wonderful that can be shown in the theater on the big stage. We are also satisfied with the education and training part. Thank you very much! We will remember you always! Good luck, success, victory and prosperity!

Sincerely yours, Kramatts

We would like to express our appreciation for the last three years in which our son Yohan has studied at lilm. He has always liked to go school and it was easy for him to integrate into the school community. We believe ilim is really a great place for children to study and to learn not only about subjects, but also about life skills. In particular his teacher in grade three and four, Ms. Valentina Aleksandrovna has done a fantastic job in making Yohan understand how important education is for his life.
We are leaving to a different country and there are new challenges waiting for us, but before we are off we really wanted to say thank you to all teachers who have helped Yohan develop into the personality he in today.
He will try to stay in touch with his classmates also from Jerusalem and l am sure we shall have the opportunity to come back to Kyrgyzstan again at some time and we shall definitely also visit ilim then.

Best regards, Sabine Machl and Eric Gourlan parents of Yohan