Dear Valentina Aleksandrovna!

I would like to thank you very much for having been Yoha’s teacher in grade 3 and 4 from September 2013 until February 2015. Yohan has genuinely appreciated your teaching and always liked to go to school. He was in particular referring to your fantastic in which you can explain things and how you motivate students. Yohan underlined that you are always fair and you are seen as someone who really cares about the students.
My husband and l believe you have helped our son to learn how to concentrate better and also how to become more accurate. We are very happy that you – in addition to the academic achievements – have also equipped him with life skills. You have shown him that education is important and have made him understand a range of values.
We would like to wish you a lot of further success in your profession and we all thank you very much for having been Yohan’s teacher over the last two years.

Yours sincerely, Dr. Sabine Machl

Hello! First of all I am glad that there is a web-site of your school in Kyrgyz, and now we can get at least some information on it. Rules and regulations for students were written very clearly, divided by sections and include everything. I wish you succes!

Sincerely, Chynara

I am very happy that my first school where I started my career was "Ilim". It has changed me for the better. I remember and really miss "Ilim". I miss the friendly staff, well-mannered students and everyone with whom I was fortunate to meet and work together. This is happiness - to work in the "Ilim"! Greetings to you from Russia! I wish all blessings to you, health, prosperity, smiles and let Ilim be always as warm as in my memories!

Nikolaeva (Chumachenko) Evgeniya Sergeevna

Congratulations to you and the entire staff of "Ilim" on the start of the new 2014-2015 school year! Good luck to you and your pupils, health and new discoveries!
We moved to Armenia and now discovering Yerevan city, and settling in a new place. Our kids go to an American school, because, to our great regret, we were disappointed with the conditions and the program in Russian-speaking schools. Apparently, after the "Ilim" we will not find such a school, where we found friends, attention and understanding, excellent teachers, and respect for the Russian language! Here it's different, and we hope that the "Ilim" will retain its image of multinational united family where all speak in Russian yet!
But, in general, Victor and Michael are satisfied with school, even though they, especially Victor, looking for a "second Ilim"! But they found themselves in a small America! Classes are small, children are different from everywhere, and that unite them. Victor misses you very much, but he tries. He says math teacher is very strict, and asks a lot of homework! I reminded him about the "Ilim", as it was also difficult with subjects in the beginning, and the most important thing now is to find friends who will help him get through this difficult period of adjustment.
Please give our regards to all the guys, teachers! We'll remember and love and miss all of you and our lives in Bishkek, "Ilim" very much!

Andersons Family of American diplomats

Our school "Ilim" big is green and beautiful in summer. I have the feeling that I'm in the woods. There are many fir trees, birches and other trees. So beautiful! There are interesting school holidays, a lot of after school activities. For example, I go to break-dance, I like it.

Mukambetov Aydar, pupil of 4 "A" class

"Ilim" - little homeland! For our family, it really is. My husband and I also studied here, so decided to give our baby only here. We are always proud of the fact that we studied in this school, we believe that our son will also be proud to wear the title of "ilim-student"!

Kahns, graduates of "Ilim"