"Ilim" is the school that meets all the requirements of our time. They pay much attention to the spiritual development of each pupil here. In my opinion as a parent, this is most important in education.

Kambaralieva Uulkan (mother of pupil of 1 "A" class)

We consider this school as a second home for our children. We like the warmth and care which surround our children. We are glad that our boys are educated in "Ilim".

Your Rinat and Ella (family of pupils of one 1 "A" class)

As a new employee I can safely compare "Ilim" with other schools. Here implemented the most advanced teaching methods, are being introduced various interactive lessons, which in the future will be very much in demand as a promising experience.

Isakov K.Y. (teacher BSL)

Grateful "Ilim" for all that it gave me. Firstly, for new friends, and secondly, for the new knowledge. I wish you great prosperity, and most importantly, to all the teachers and students to remember: "Ilim - is more than a school."

Madalinov Aziz president of the school, pupil of 11 "A" class

I Love "Ilim" as my home. We are all here as one big family! They say: "what is the principal, the school is same." So she is awesome, interesting, kind-hearted woman, but at the same time she is rigorous and fair, always try to find the truth. After speaking with her it becomes easier at once. Everybody listen to her, because they respect her.

Safa Camilla, pupil of 10th class

I like to study, like all classes, and especially natural history lesson. To go to school just super, there is everything. Teachers love and respect children and each other.

Duyshekeeva Aimana, pupil of 2 "B" class