I like to go to school, because I have many friends here, good classmates. We perform interesting competitions, holidays. I am very interested in classes, my favorite lessons mathematics, English, Russian, and Foundations of Computer Science.

Aidarov Zalkar, pupil of 2 "B" class

"Ilim", I have come to you and I really like you! You're such a clean, beautiful and comfortable. You give a very good knowledge. I wish you to become even better and a lot of people know about you.

Gu Kang Hyun, pupil of 10 class, who came to study from Korea

When I came to "Ilim", honestly, was shocked by how here kindly relate to the pupils. "Ilim" a lot has changed in my life. In many schools, education is as education, but in "Ilim" it is interesting to study. I am proud of my school.

Imanov Raim, pupil of grade 10

"Ilim" made an enormous contribution to the development of our family. In this complex four of our children were brought and are brought up. Children are taught and brought up in the spirit of tolerance, unity, and friendship.

Kazakbaevs (pupil of 8 "B" class)

Special thanks to "Ilim" for responsiveness and help that you have always given to children with disabilities and their families. In this world compassion, love became unfashionable, looking at your attitude I do know that not all is lost for humanity.

Chairman of the Naryn public association of disabled people, Asankanova Dinara

My little girl has been disabled since childhood, cannot walk, moves with the wheelchair. I was very nervous, giving her to school and was in vain, the child was in a perfect team of teachers and children. I am proud that we were among the students who receive education and knowledge in accordance with international standards.

Omurova Kaliycha (mother of pupil of 2 "A" class)