"Ilim" brought me up as a person, formed my character, and gave what I can really use now. Many people believe that if there is a hard way, it is easier to walk it around or step it over than pass it. In "Ilim" they teach us that you must overcome all difficulties yourself.

Kuznetsova Julian, a graduate of 2010

"Ilim" is the best, native, favorite, unified, hospitable, athletic, healthy, responsible, respectful and interesting school

Opinion of pupils from 7 "A" class

"Ilim" certainly is a "star" of Kyrgyzstan. We want and hope for a long cooperation and exchange of scientific achievements and delegations. We wish to meet good partners, talented colleagues, grateful parents, promising students.

Kazakhstan. Principal of KIS "Baiterek", Potiy M.Yu.

Do not look for a school of the future somewhere outside the country, because it is already here and works for us. This is "Ilim". Success and prosperity in all!

Atabaev U. D., a teacher of the Russian language in the CIE

The school has all the conditions for a variety of exciting activities of pupils. Teachers work closely with parents. They treat with love for their work and children. Openness and transparency of the school provides information to parents at parent meetings, in the pages of the monthly issue of the school magazine, the website.

Gunters (pupil of 1 "A" class)

"Ilim" - a big friendly family with creative approach to education!

Pryadkina Oksana (mother of pupil of 10 class)