"Ilim" helped me to remain free, responsible and active person. Now I can make myself useful for my people more effectively. "Ilim" makes long-term investments in the community.

A graduate of "Ilim" and the parent of Maldybaev Baikal

Coming to "Ilim", we immediately felt that the creative team (children and adults) cohesively moving towards their goal. Everyone is trying to share his kindness, warmth, creating the so-called Area - small, unusual world in a large real world. Here, everyone is trying to benefit all the time in a creative search.

Department of the Kyrgyz language teachers

Our Timur celebrates the third New Year in a wonderful kindergarten. There was no one morning during this time, in which Timur would not want to go to kindergarten. He always has a great desire to go and is almost skipping there. When he does not go to kindergarten 3-5 days for some reasons, he asks: "When we will go to kindergarten? I want to!" There is a great merit of our teachers - people who invest their love, knowledge, demand and patience in kids. People who are already at 7.30 in the garden and at 19.30 are still there. Who make holiday costumes for kids and prepare training materials for them. By the way, even our credibility with my wife is not as strong as the credibility of the teachers at our tomboy. The most terrible threat to Timur is that I can tell teachers about his bad behavior or something else. But I use it very rarely.

Parent from senior group "Funny people"

Hello! Everything is all right, thank you! Service... as always stable, nothing new, nothing old. Many studies, many sports, but for me it is not problem and difficulties because your school has formed me as a strong, responsible and intelligent man! I am very glad that I’ve ended "Ilim". And all these stereotypy that Ilim is such and so - it is a lie and a provocation! We have all the necessary knowledge! And the most important thing is that "Ilim" forms a child just as a person! Thank you very much for all Guljamal Dzhusupbekovna! May God grant you good health! Take care of yourself!
How is my "small Homeland"???

A letter from the 2014-2015 graduates Volodya Pryadkin, who entered the Volsk military academy, Volsk, Russia.