IlimTechFest in the EC "Ilim - Osh"

19.11.06Today in our Ilim-Osh branch the IlimTechFest Robotics Olympiad is taking place for the first time! Teams from the cities of Osh, Jalal-Abad, Batken, Kadamzhai and Kyzyl-Kiya are participating in the Olympiad! Participants have prepared their autonomous robots and are ready for battle.

Programming Olympiad

19.11.05Dear Parents! An invitation to students of grades 1-6 to take part in the Central Asian Scratch Programming Olympiad is available at The Olympics will be held from November 24 to December 8. But now, registered participants will be able to get acquainted with the technology of game design

Training "Authorship of success"

19.10.25The program is intended for people seeking to achieve more impressive business results that satisfy their ambitions and results in their personal lives, who are ready not to stop there and resolutely seek to reach a higher level of personal and professional development.

Research activity

19.10.10This year, the research work of students of the "Ilim" Educational Complex will be devoted to the topic "Intangible Heritage of Kyrgyzstan". This research work will be carried out in conjunction with the historical museum. So our students will have more opportunities to study the culture of our ancestors.

Chemistry Room

19.10.09This year we have fully equipped a chemistry room. The cabinet was equipped with special student desks, a demonstration table for the teacher was installed. And in the classroom there is an interactive whiteboard with a computer. All the necessary reagents, laboratory equipment, and glassware were purchased at the

Presidential Election of the "School Parliament"

19.10.08On October 11, the election of the school president was held within the walls of our Ilim. Three applicants took part in the "fight" for the title: Alisa Galivets, Aigerim Sarbagisheva, Burulai Samatova. Aigerim Sarbagisheva won the presidency of the school parliament. We congratulate her on her victory!

Speech therapy sessions

19.10.07In the educational complex "Ilim" 3 speech therapists work. This helps both kindergarten pupils and schoolchildren who have problems with diction and pronunciation of sounds. Classes are held in groups or individually. In the senior groups of the kindergarten, specialists conduct classes with the kids to set the

Forum "Teacher - National Treasure of the Country!"

19.10.06At the beginning of the academic year, with the support of the National Commission of the Kyrgyz Republic for UNESCO, the UNESCO Associated Schools Network of Kyrgyzstan, the Association "Union of Educational Institutions" and the Soros-Kyrgyzstan Foundation, Marathon of the best confessions "Teacher in my

Outdoor chess

19.10.05That's so fun our Ilimians play chess in the open air! The game of chess broadens the mind, teaches you to think, be attentive, remember, compare, generalize, anticipate the results of your activities. Develops ingenuity and logical thinking. The child develops endurance, willpower, perseverance, mindfulness and

Happy Teacher's Day!

19.10.04Our dear teachers! Congratulations on your teacher's day! We greatly appreciate the generosity of your loving hearts, your patience and understanding, dedication and love for your students! We wish you good health, vitality of your body and spirit, joy from your hard work and all the best of luck in your personal life!