Kowtow to our people!

Ibrahimova Gaisha

Republican Olympiad in Mathematics, Kyrgyz and English among schoolchildren of 4-11 grades is over.

But I'm not talking about the Olympiad, but about how I saw our people, our teachers and parents, our local governments through the prism of the Olympiad.

Children from all over Kyrgyzstan came to Bishkek. when registering, I saw that the guys with their parents and teachers arrived at the bar, changing cars, waiting for canceled flights from the most remote mountain areas: from Sulukta, Jumgal region, Ak-Tala district, Chon-Alay, Lyailyak district, Batken and I called not all regions of Kyrgyzstan are represented! Remarkable, clever, self-sufficient, self-confident, and beautiful children arrived! They came with their parents and teachers!

What struck me?

Parents' dedication: they do not expect anything from anyone, do not ask, make incredible efforts to provide their children with access to education, invest serious money for them, and bring children to Bishkek so that the children gain their experience, look at other children and relate their achievements, felt confident. They courageously wait for the results, support and inspire their children, if the points are not high; they declare their intention to participate next year too! Super parents!

Devotion of teachers to their students and their ministry! I was sad that fewer and fewer teachers are becoming devoted to their work, there are no young and creative, intelligent teachers! But how wrong I was! The teachers who prepared the children and those who came with the them were very kind and caring for the children, inspired children with their faith in them! They wanted to learn more about the features of the tasks, to prepare children for the next year, and much more! Yes, and we have super-youth in schools! A young math teacher from Osh, which is difficult to distinguish from her students, prepared the children of grades 6-9 and all showed excellent results and won prizes! Warm thanks to you, dear colleagues! You are the NATIONAL WEALTH of KYRGYZSTAN! I believe that our wise people will return you recognition and respect!

Self-sufficiency and preparedness of children! How many clever children we have! How strong is their desire to grow and develop! How much effort they put into their development! They are so self-sufficient, they have high dignity and honesty! One 6-grader did not pay for the test, he went and asked everyone where to turn in the money, although he could turn around and leave! One girl lost a purse, this was announced to everyone, and her purse was found and brought her! The children asked questions, behaved very decently, while remaining unaffected children!

Civil liability ayil okmotu! There were situations when two or three children passed from the same family to the third round, or the family was not able to send the child to Bishkek, but the ayil okmotu helped such children and their teachers and paid for their trip and accommodation. These leaders of the local authorities took responsibility for the opportunity for the children to participate in such events! Big thanks to them!

I cannot name specific names here, because in the bustle of the Olympiad I simply did not have time to write them down. I am sure that many will recognize themselves in these descriptions. Kowtow to our people!