Research approach in teaching

School "Ilim" one of the first educational institutions, which began to apply a research approach in teaching. This method develops in children interest in the independent study of the material studied. Due to its universality, this method can be used in almost every discipline. And thanks to the integrated lessons in school, children receive completely different knowledge from related subjects. Each time, students receive certain tasks for the study. For example, this year, within the framework of the film festival, Ilimians of 6-11 grades took up the cinema. They shoot their videos, while each takes a different approach to implementing. Thus, they do research on completely new knowledge, draw their own conclusions and, in the video format, tell their classmates about the results of the research.

"Such tasks develop creativity in children and encourage them to take interest in the related knowledge that they will need in their projects." - considers the head of the training unit, Urumbaeva Flyura Kasymovna.