Innovative project "LEGO"

Dozens of bright details from the Lego kits add up to construction vehicles, helicopters, houses, carousels, robots, and even a 3D printer! Miracle? Definitely. Man-made? Of course!

Schoolchildren of all ages love Lego designers, because it’s so interesting to feel like a real engineer, builder, architect! How many different and unusual things can be collected even on the basis of one set!

But few people think about the fact that the teachers of Ilim love Lego as well. This is an excellent educational material for a variety of disciplines. In the lower grades, Lego cubes help children develop fine motor skills, unleash their imagination, and teach them how to communicate with their comrades by working in teamsTeachers of the English and Kyrgyz languages with might and main use the Lego classes to develop speaking skills in children.

In high school, wonderful Lego classrooms serve other tasks. Here they study physics, algebra and geometry, build robots and learn the basics of block programming.

Now imagine that the big Lego constructor fell into your hands. What would you collect from its parts together with the children in the first place?