IKFF Kid’s Film Festival Awarding Ceremony

On March 15, the Ceremony of Awarding of the first participants from Central Asia of the world's largest International Children's Film Festival (IKFF) took place. The founder and General Manager of IKFF - Seyid Sultan Ahmed arrived to Bishkek to the Ceremony of Awarding of participants from Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan from Bollywood (the festival’s birthplace).

Seyid Sultan Ahmed noted that he was struck by the ability of participants from Kyrgyzstan to see and tell their story conceptually. “In their films they talk about the complex social problems of society, using abstract images for this. This is not what you expect from children aged 12-17 years "- says the founder of the festival.

International Children's Film Festival (IKFF) - held in Central Asia for the first time (KR and RK) thanks to the New Schools Foundation. This is a unique film festival taking place in schools and universities around the world. which gives students the opportunity to VIEW the best children's films, LEARN at the master classes in filmmaking, to CREATE their own films to participate in the world's largest cinema competition.

At the end of 2018, 2,000 children from Central Asia took part in the festival, 180 of whom studied the basics of film production using an online program, which resulted in 11 films.

Every year 100 films from 20 countries of the world are selected at IKFF Global. Entries are divided into 4 age groups - from 10 to 12 years, from 12 to 14 years, from 14 to 17 years and from 18 to 21 years. In each age category there are 2 winners - the nomination “Best Film” and the nomination “Special Prize”. It is noteworthy that in the very first year of participation, 2 films from Kyrgyzstan immediately won the “Best Film” award in one age group (Altynay Taalaibek kyzy - the film “Little democracy”) and the “Special Prize” award (Alina Koshmatova - film - “Believe in yourself”).

The winner of the nomination “Best Film” as a prize expects internship in Bollywood (fully paid by the organizers), where she can take part in the shooting of this film as an assistant director, as well as jury membership at the festival in 2019-20, as well as a cash prize in the amount of 500 USD.

It should be noted that both films-winners will be shown next year at a global festival around the world, thanks to which more than 2 million people will see the history of two schoolgirls from Kyrgyzstan.

The founder of the New Schools Foundation and the Director of the IKFF Central Asia project, Jenny Zhenish Kyzy, announced that her foundation intends to further develop this project in the Central Asian countries and expressed hope that in 2019–20 it will be possible to provide an opportunity to participate in the project even more children. More information about the project and opportunities for participation can be found on the website ikff.kz.