Library of EC "Ilim"

Can you convince a child to read? The library is an important part of any educational process. The librarian of the Ilim Educational Complex does a lot to instill in children a love of reading.

"Children are keenly interested in literature. We have a very large collection of rare books, many of them with inscriptions. And children are interested in it! They love the smell of books, they are attracted by illustrations, some guys say that they imagined heroes like that. After all, they are researchers, the main thing is to interest them, and then they develop their own interest," says our librarian Elena Evgenieva.

"How to make a child read?" - such a formulation should not be at all. Negative overtones are immediately heard in this usage: reading is difficult and therefore it is necessary to force reading.

In fact, reading is one of the skills of a child that can be enjoyable and positive thing in his life. This principle is being implemented in the Educational Complex "Ilim".