Psychological support center


The language spoken by children and adolescents is different from the language of the adult world. Therefore, it is so often that children are difficult with adults, and it is not easy for adults with children.

The psychological support center of the Ilim Educational Complex is a helping hand, a bridge, a magic wand for children and their parents.

How can we help?

At the Psychological Support Center for you:

  • Psychological diagnostics of various profiles and purposes in order to determine the further educational route in the Complex.
  • Correctional work in an individual mode based on the psychological conclusion in accordance with the possibilities of the age and intellectual development of the student.
  • Promoting the development of a positive "I - concept" of the student, his feelings of confidence, adequate self-esteem, ability to navigate in various life situations, communication skills.
  • Implementation of psychological support to parents (their substitutes), advice for them.
  • Providing advice to teachers, parents in shaping the environment, developing an active, independent, responsible personality of the student in choosing such an educational route and micro-environment of communication, to which they can successfully adapt.
  • Help teachers and parents in organizing the process of social adaptation.
  • Conducting social and psychological training in various areas.