Ilim in Canada

Ilimians finished their monthly training in Toronto, Canada.

Guldjamal Dzhusupbekovka, Executive Director of the Ilim Educational Complex, shared her impressions: "Children have made a big breakthrough in English: now spoken English is perfectly perceived by ear. During the month of their stay in Toronto, Ilimians studied the culture of the country, saw the sights. Having the opportunity to plunge into the English-speaking environment, they developed independence and a sense of responsibility.

The headmaster of an English school where older children were studying noted a good level of English. The guys passed the IELTS mock exam and showed excellent results. Senior Ilimians visited universities in Toronto and learned a lot about the education system abroad.

After the awarding of certificates, the younger Ilimians visited Niagara Falls again to finally capture the power of this natural beauty.

All the children were very impressed by this trip".