"Literary Ilim"


Today we want to share with you a story from the magazine "Literary Ilim". The story "Snow Leopard" was written by our ilimian Aslan Taalaibekov from 8-B class.

"I am a snow leopard. I live in the cold rocky mountains of Kyrgyzstan. I live in my own cave. Sometimes you have to change my home: two to three times a month. I am a cold-blooded killer hunter. I do not often see prey. Because of this, I should never hesitate. I have principles: I don’t eat children and try not to hurt my victims. I have to go hungry for two or three days: there is little booty in the mountains. I have a female. Soon we will have babies. But she will bring up the kids herself. I will leave them.

I never go down the mountains - this is very dangerous. Often during the hunt I take a big risk. The most commonplace is to fall from a great height, tearing off a cliff. Mountain goats are very stubborn and proud. They fight to the last breath. Once such a goat broke my ribs and jumped into the abyss and died so that I did not get his meat!

I had a brother. He was killed by poachers. Lured by a piece of meat and brutally killed. A roar stood over the mountains then. After that I avoid people. When I see them from an ambush, I immediately get away. They probably consider me a rare species. Since I see not often like myself. I feel lonely. And I look down. It is a beauty!"