Teacher in my life

In the most difficult times in the history of mankind, the return to life begins with school, with the Teacher! Happy is the man who was lucky, and in childhood he met Teacher, who led him on the broad road of Life, arming him with faith in himself, a good attitude to the world and himself, hard work and zeal!

In recent decades, the value of a teacher in our society has disappeared, a respected profession, on which the entire population of the country depends, has ceased to be prestigious. With great love and pain Nikolay Konstantinovich Roerich said this:

"Let teachers be true educators of the people in all countries. They must give so much that the people must arrange a life full of achievements for them. Can a person humiliated and clouded talk about the Elevated, indicate the beauty of the sky and expand the thought of little listeners? Shame on a country where teachers are in poverty and misery. Shame on those who know that their children are taught by a poor person. Not only disgrace to the people who do not care about the teachers of the next generation, but - a sign of ignorance! Is it possible to entrust children to a dejected person? Is it possible to forget what emanation the grief gives? Is it possible to not know that a depressed spirit will not cause delight? Can teaching be considered an insignificant occupation? Can we expect spiritual enlightenment from children if the school is a place of humiliation and resentment? Is it possible to feel the construction with a grinding of teeth? Can one expect the lights of the heart when the spirit is silent? The people, forgetting the teacher, forgot their future! We will make sure that the teacher is the greatest value of the country!"

The purpose of this action is to draw people's attention to the Teacher, to invite everyone to remember their Teacher and what impression he left in his life!

Take time and write about your Teacher! If you want, add his photo, or take a short video about the memory of him. This will be a great acknowledgment! Make your Teacher a hero!

Please remember to put the hashtag #mugalimdidanktaymyn and/or #laudtheteacher under the publication