Training "Authorship of success"


We invite you to the training "Authorship of Success"
Вate and time: November, 2 from 08:00 to 15:30
Speaker: Aliya Dikombaeva
Coach from Almaty

  • Demanded business coach
  • Certified Erickson International Coach
  • Over 15 years of experience
  • More than 15,000 graduates in Russia and Kazakhstan
  • Shareholder of Super Ego

The program is intended for people seeking to achieve more impressive business results that satisfy their ambitions and results in their personal lives, who are ready not to stop there and resolutely seek to reach a higher level of personal and professional development.

Each participant reveals their inner potential during training in a group:

  • He carries out serious work on the awareness and study of his own stereotypes, deep hypotheses;
  • Understands how to identify and overcome limitations, accept the challenge and take risks.
  • Makes new decisions and begins to act in accordance with them;

Technologies used in the program:

  • Constantly focusing participants on goals (rather than obstacles)
  • Ability to hear what is behind the words
  • Work with the subconscious
  • Constant inclusion of each participant
  • The ability to ask questions that stimulate the search for new solutions
  • Exact feedback
  • The combination of what is happening in the hall with what is happening in life

The cost of the training is 3000 soms. Certificates are issued upon completion. Seats are limited by the hall.
For ticket purchases: 0550793993, 0550778825, 0555919290
Venue: 6B, Toktonalieva, in the building of the Ilim School