40th General Conference of UNESCO

Our leaders, the general director Gaisha Ibragimova and the executive director Guljamal Yesenalieva are at the 40th general conference of UNESCO now, which takes place in Paris. The general conference is held every two years, and the Ilim educational complex takes part in it as an associated school of UNESCO.

Gaisa Dzhusupbekovna shared with us her impression of what is happening at the conference: "The work of the UNESCO General Conference in Paris is taking place with the participation of the heads of state. The discussion on the problems of education in the world between the heads of state and youth showed that the whole world is preoccupied with the same problems. Everyone asks one and the same question: what to teach the young generation at a time when the Internet closes the need for information, and artificial intelligence solves many problems? They answer in approximately the same way - one must teach a person to be a person and live among people! The erudition is replaced by competence, the ability to navigate the information flow and think critically. And this complicates the tasks of educators. Another problem is how to determine ethical standards when creating artificial intelligence so that it acts in the interests of humanity? After all, if artificial intelligence begins to make decisions, then the interests of people around the planet will suffer and the need for international cooperation will disappear!".