Graduates of 2015-2016

16.08.01Congratulations to the graduates of 2015-2016 Educational complex "Ilim" with admission to universities of the country and abroad. We are proud of you and wish prosperity in adult life. We believe that the victory and success will accompany you throughout.

Parke Muth is a consultant for admission to US universities

16.06.16June 16 world-renowned expert on Admission of students to top colleges and universities of the US, Mr. Parke Muth has consulted high school students and graduates of the Educational Complex "Ilim". From 1984 to September 2011 he held the leading positions in the Department of Students Admission

Letter of thanks

16.06.13We express our gratitude on behalf of our entire family for the excellent organizational work of EC "Ilim", for your hard work and great love for our children. Our children came to you not in the beginning of September and classes were already completed. Thank you that have taken our children, surrounded by care

Loyalty Policy to customers

16.06.02_enLoyalty of Educational Complex "Ilim" is expressed in the provision of preferences to customers to pay for additional services within the amount of payment for education at the state standard.
Specifically in the following areas:

Summer camp "Enthusiast"

16.06.01"Enthusiast" this a summer organized active recreation for your children in the territory of the Educational Complex "Ilim".
Opening hours: June - July
from Monday to Friday, from 8.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m.

We express our sincere gratitude

16.05.26Dear Gaisha Zhusupbekovna,
Academy of civic education, hereby, expresses its sincere gratitude for the contribution to the development of citizenship and transfer your experience and knowledge to the students of the Academy of civic education.

"Altyn tamga"

16.05Congratulations to the graduates of the 11th class Malabekova Telegei and Akylbekova Bermet, which confirmed their rights to receive a certificate with honors of general secondary education "Altyn tamga".

Conference "Scientists of Kyrgyzstan"

16.05.17May 17, 2016 at the Educational Complex "Ilim" was held the conference "Scientists of Kyrgyzstan", in which pupils of the 7th classes presented scientists of the republic in fields such as physics, chemistry and mathematics. Children found a lot of interesting things of life of famous people of Kyrgyzstan, their discoveries