A letter from the 2014-2015 graduates Volodya Pryadkin

image_01Hello! Everything is all right, thank you! Service... as always stable, nothing new, nothing old. Many studies, many sports, but for me it is not problem and difficulties because your school has formed me as a strong, responsible and intelligent man! I am very glad that I’ve ended "Ilim". And all these stereotypy that Ilim is such and so - it is a lie and a provocation! We have all the necessary knowledge! And the most important thing is that "Ilim" forms a child just as a person! Thank you very much for all Guljamal Dzhusupbekovna! May God grant you good health! Take care of yourself!
How is my "small Homeland"???

A letter from the 2014-2015 graduates Volodya Pryadkin,
who entered the Volsk military academy, Volsk, Russia.