Summer camp "Enthusiast"

"June is a time when children are already free, and most parents are still at work. Therefore, in order for the child to be busy on vacations so that the child was under supervision, adhere to the correct regime of the day, communicate with peers and develop as a person, we came up with the summer camp "Enthusiast". He has 2 shifts, and each lasts exactly a month. We start classes on June 1st. The guys will definitely visit the pool, play a lot in the fresh air, try themselves as climbers in the climbing wall, see the trout farm, learn how to properly build a fire in the mountains. And the children will be given master classes, drawing lessons, Lego designers, participation in a theatrical production and many other things. Every day in the "Enthusiast" is not like the previous one! At the end of the shift, each child will be handed a disk with photos for memory ", - this is how our head teacher Olga Borisovna Davydova talks about "Enthusiast".

We invite children from 6 to 12 years to the camp.

You can register now by phone: +996 770 33 03 23. The number of seats is limited, so we advise you to hurry.