24 January - International Day of Education

19.01.20Today marks the first International Day of Education, as proclaimed by the United Nations General Assembly last December. This significant decision recognizes the capital role of education in "Transforming our world: the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development".

First Republican Olympiad

19.01.19On January 18, the final stage of the large-scale Republican Olympiad among pupils of the 5th grade passed. More than 500 people from all regions of Kyrgyzstan gathered in the Ilim complex to show their level of knowledge in mathematics. It was a difficult day, but thanks to the right organization, we were

Study in America

19.01.18Educational complex "Ilim", with the support of the US State Department, sends high school students to study in schools of America on a preferential program. Our executive director Esenalieva Guldjamal Dzhusupbekovna will tell about the fact that this gives the children and what you need to be prepared for when sending

Successes of "Ilimians"

19.01.17Teachers in the Educational Complex "Ilim" invest their whole soul in the education of children and are very proud of their success. We are always aware of the achievements of Ilimovtsev. Our student - Azim Ibragimov shared with us one of his victories. He is currently studying at Kaizer High school, in America.

Project "Robotics"

19.01.16What kid doesn't like to design robots? Robotics is becoming more and more popular science every day. Therefore, for 5 years the class of robotics has been working on the basis of the Ilim Educational Complex. Two classes for adults and children groups are fully equipped with modern equipment.


19.01.15Young talents of the Ilim Educational Complex continue to conquer new heights. And we do not miss the opportunity to share with you this good news. Pupil of 6 "A" class Ranjan Delia successfully passed the selection in the casting for the filming of the everyone's favorite comic program "Yeralash".

First Republican Olympiad

18.10.07Kyrgyzstan will host the First Republican Olympiad in Mathematics, Kyrgyz and English among students in grades 4-11 of general education schools of the Kyrgyz Republic.

International Kid’s Film Festival

18.11.21Friends, we are pleased to tell you about a new project in which we are participating.
The International Kid’s Film Festival (IKFF) is a unique film festival held in schools and universities around the world.

Congratulations of Ilimians on the New Year

18.12.27On the eve of the New Year, it is customary to sum up the results of the outgoing year and give presents. 2018 for our Complex turned out to be one of the most vivid and memorable for events, news and achievements. We are sure that this will continue from year to year, because all of us, children, parents and teachers are

Happy New Year 2019!

18.12.25Dear Kyrgyzstan citizens! Happy New Year 2019!

Celebration of this wonderful holiday is one of our most warm, heartfelt traditions. It is transmitted from generation to generation, uniting all of us. And so we sincerely rejoice the New Year, meet it with hope and dreams for the future