New Year's celebration for disabled children

18.12.24A New Year celebration for children with disabilities was held today at the Ilim Educational Complex. The concert and the New Year gifts were prepared by all the Ilimians - children, parents. The children watched a wonderful performance with fabulous characters, and also met with Santa Claus and Snow Maiden, who gave

Research work

18.12.22Today is our research and expedition day. Pupils of the Ilim set off in 8 directions in order to consolidate in practice the theoretical knowledge of English, physics, chemistry, history and literature. The guys held a lesson at the school of the village of Baitik, built robots at the Polytechnic University, studied the process of creating

Advanced Training

18.12.21Dear colleagues, representatives of non-state educational institutions! As you know, together with the Union of Educational Institutions (UEI), we launched a series of training courses and seminars to improve the skills of teachers and staff. One of the main objectives of this course is to help managers of educational

"Autumn Festival of Knowledge 2018"

18.12.06The first classes of the Ilim Educational Complex took part in the International Mathematics Olympiad of the project “Autumn Festival of Knowledge 2018”. The guys were worried, but coped with the tasks and received prizes:

Trainings of the Union of Educational Institutions

18.12.05The Academy of Advanced Studies of the Association “Union of Educational Institutions (UEI), hastens to inform you that the team of trainers of the Academy has developed, tested and now launches a series of open trainings on the themes: “Sale of educational services”, “Quality management in education based on

RCP Business Forum

18.12.01November 29, 2018 the official opening of the Capital Rich Partners business club took place. Along with the largest business in Kyrgyzstan, the Educational Complex "Ilim" is also a partner of this club. And yesterday we gave a presentation on education to the session.

First Republican Olympiad in Ilim-Osh

18.11.24On November 24 and 25, our Osh branch hosted participants in the district tour of the First Republican School Olympiad. The guys had to try on the knowledge of mathematics, Kyrgyz and English. 56 schools took part in the Olympiad. On the first day 1850 schoolchildren came for testing, and on the second day 1371.

Interview with the organizers of the Olympiad

18.11.20The continuation of the first round of the First Republican Olympiad for students from 4 to 11 classes was held in the Educational complex "Ilim" this past weekend. In our spare time, we decided to interview the organizers of the Olympiad - the Araket Foundation.

Our Olympiad

18.11.19Dear friends! We continue to tell you how goes the First Republican Olympiad in mathematics, Kyrgyz and English for pupils of 4-11 grades.
71 pupils of the secondary school from Prigorodnoye village came to the district tour.

EC "Ilim" in the morning show "Early in the morning"

18.11.11The educational complex "Ilim" with Guldjamal Esenalieva and Nargiza Kapkova together with the Ilimians visited the morning show "Early in the Morning", where they told about the Complex, the teaching methods, and also shared their impressions of the international Olympiad in Antalya, from which the guys