We invite you to kindergarten "Ilim"

19.09.22Dear Parents! We have open recruitment in groups for children from 2 to 7 years. The amount of the monthly payment includes: Grammar, Speech development, TRIZ (theory of solving inventive problems), Maths, Modeling and application, Fine Arts, LEGO and design, Music, English language, Kyrgyz language, Developing

Field school – day four

19.09.07So our informative visiting school has come to an end! Ilimians presented their projects, and each of them was special. Now on Mars there is an oxygen production plant, water treatment facilities, a nuclear power plant (heat is provided!), a hospital and the Ilim space base. All the teams have tried very hard

Field school – day three

19.09.06Yesterday, after passing an interesting quest, the teams of Ilimians received a mysterious code for the instructions for manufacturing the rover, which consisted of 4 digits. With this code, the children unlocked the laptop, where the instruction for building the Martian manipulator was hidden.

Field school – day two

19.09.05The second day at the field school began with morning exercises. So the guys are filled with energy for the whole day. After breakfast, the participants broke into groups and received a task for from their leaders today. And then the quest started, which will take several days.

Field School – day one

19.09.04Today is the first day of our field school. This year we have chosen the theme: "Colonization of Mars". Our Ilimians divided into groups and went to conquer Mars. Working in groups, the children discussed whether life on Mars is possible, what they would take with them from the red planet and much more.

Congratulations on Knowledge Day!

19.09.03Today, the Ilim Educational Complex hosted a festive line dedicated to the Day of Knowledge. Our holiday began with a solemn speech and wishes of the General Director Gaisa Ibragimova and Executive Director Guljamal Esenalieva. The teaching staff did not stand aside, and also congratulated all students on the start

School Bus Parking

19.09.02To date, 10 school buses operate at Ilim. By the beginning of the new school year, we made parking for them. Road markings will be ready soon. We have already set up road signs and a real small traffic light so that the pupils of the complex can navigate freely. All this work has been done so that our students learn to cross

UNESCO International Conference

19.09.01Our wonderful Svetlana Nikolaevna Kislitsyna, an English teacher, went to the UNESCO International Conference in Korea, which will be held from August 25 to 31. Theme of the conference: "Preservation of the Intangible Cultural Heritage". Svetlana Nikolaevna will represent the Kyrgyz Republic, as well as our beloved

"Ilim TechLab"

19.08.31The future - for technology! Do you want your child to developed in step with the times? Then we are waiting for you at our Ilim Educational Complex! Dastan, our LEGO and robotics trainer told us why robotics is awesome! Be sure to watch the video to the end, there is important information!

Security Service

19.08.30On the territory of EC "Ilim" a full-time security service operates. The head of the security service Kanybek Yrysbaevich Isakov spoke about how we care about the safety of children: "We are responsible for the safety of children, employees and guests. Also throughout the territory and halls of the school, CCTV sistems are