School parliament

19.06.02As the highest representative body, accountable to the people, the Parliament of the Educational Complex "Ilim" reports to school students. Since the school year came to an end, then it’s time to tell how much progress we have achieved, what events we held and how many good deeds we managed to create.

International Ecological Forum

19.06.01"Cleanliness of the planet begins with you" - under this slogan the tenth International Youth Ecological Forum "One Planet - One Future!" takes place in the city of Khanty-Mansiysk. From May 26 to 30, schoolchildren and students, representatives of UNESCO associated schools, forestries, youth associations from

Last school bell

19.05.21Last bell! How many emotions are stored in these two cherished words. How many warm memories of school. But now is not the time to be sad, but quite the opposite! It's time to celebrate, say "thank you" to all your teachers, classmates, and the whole school. School years are the most wonderful times, especially in

Children about the educational complex "Ilim"

19.05.20Our children will have long-awaited school holidays soon. Ilimians will rest and gain strength before the new school year. Therefore, shortly before the holidays, we decided to interview primary school students. Pupils 3 "A" class of Erica Sharshekeeva, Darina Birimkulova and Daniela Parhacheva tell us about how they

Hat Ball

19.05.14Today the middle group of our kindergarten "Funny People" is in the lead roles. And they are clearly in the bag! Today there is a real hat ball on our matinee. Just see what beautiful hats our teachers have prepared for them. In these wonderful handmade hats, children flaunt at our ball, perform, recite poems, dance and have

"Literary Ilim"

19.05.13New day - new opportunities for Ilimians! After all, a new project was launched as part of the Ilimians’ research project –"Literary Ilim" magazine. "During the year we worked on a research paper called "Modern Literature of Kyrgyzstan". We visited the editorial board of the Literary Kyrgyzstan magazine more than once,

Association of Young Leaders

19.05.12Anniversary training conference on leadership development opened its doors for Ilimians. At the three-day conference of the Association of Young Leaders in the city of Almaty, children will receive such skills as:
- Communication skills and positive conflict resolution

Club Cheerful and Resourceful

19.05.11Ilimians are again on top! After all, if they participate in competitions, they never leave without a prize. The KVN school league cup passed the other day, in which our cheerful and resourceful guys took the third place and received the prize for the best joke of the whole game.

"Own game"

19.05.10You will say "children do not read books"? We will prove the opposite! Our students of 4 "A" class became record breakers of elementary school in the number of books read from the school library! In honor of this victory, we decided to conduct an intellectual game "Own game" for children.

Happy Victory Day!

19.05.06May 9 - the day when we honor the memory of the heroes of the Great Patriotic War. Our students offered and organized a trip to Victory Square. They laid flowers at the eternal flame, and then visited the veterans to congratulate and express sincere admiration for their heroism and thank for the peaceful sky.