The inauguration of President

16.10.17October 17 there was held inauguration of the president of the Educational Complex "Ilim" Salakhiddinov Sevara. In a solemn ceremony General Director Ibragimov G. D. asked the newly elected president to take the oath. Executive Director Esenalieva G. D. announced the inauguration of the president.

Club of Cheerful and Resourceful (KVN)

16.10.14October 14 the 12 season of KVN School League started at the Children's and Youth Centre Seytek. 4 teams were admitted to the first game. These teams are of schools No 61, 9, ILIM and team of Kara-Balta. Ilim shook the hall with its fans and its new team.

Election results

16.10.1212 October Election Commission announced the results of voting in the elections for the presidency of EC "Ilim". Salakhiddinov Sevara won in these elections, 102 students of Ilim voted for her. 74 votes were given for Emilia, for Andrey - 35 votes, for Aidar were given 32 votes, for Ruslan - 10 votes and two person voted

Presidential elections of the "School Parliament"

16.10.11October, 11 there were held election of the President of School Parliament of the educational complex "Ilim". The procedure of direct, secret voting was held during the school day. Adults and children from 5 to 11 classes participated in the voting. By results of voting, the candidate who receives the absolute majority of votes

October 5 - Teacher's Day

16.10.05An unusual morning for a teacher! Day of understudy for the guys!
Children were able to make the day bright, warm, full of love and gratitude to each teacher.
School teachers met with applause and flowers.


16.10.03October, 3 the debates in the framework of the election campaign for President of the School Parliament were held in EC Ilim. 5 candidates have declared intention to take a responsible position and win the trust of other pupils: Salahitdinova Sevara -11 class, Ruslan Kadyrov - 9b, Nurgaziev Aydar - 9a, Andrey Tsoy - 10a

Gratitude to kindergarten teachers

16.09.30_enChildren and their readiness for the first class change over time. Children come to first grade, and already know how to read, write and count. The positive attitude of children and their desire to go to school, to receive new knowledge and make new friends is very pleases us.

Day of the State Language

16.09.23September, 23 the event dedicated to the Day of State language took place in the OK "Ilim". Its purpose was actualization of knowledge of state language, popularization of oral creativity of the Kyrgyz people, the children's creativity in the framework of the Kyrgyz language, creative work individually and in groups.

Harbour space

16.09.21We invite everyone to a meeting with representatives of the innovative university "HARBOUR SPACE" in Barcelona. Students will be given an information about the sought-after professions of the future, about learning technologies. About the university partners who have gained experience in leading corporations