19.08.29Repair work in all buildings is carried out by the beginning of the school year at EC Ilim annually. In addition, we decided to create a playground for primary and secondary classes. We brought equipment from Cheboksary, it is hypoallergenic and meets the age standard and safety. This equipment was purchased for active

Dear parents!

19.08.28Meetings with parents of students from grades 1 to 11 will be held from August 28 to 30!
Our curators will tell you the latest news about the life of Ilim, the school curriculum for the new school year, and also about the outsite school.

Set for the 2019-2020 school year

19.05.01In the upcoming academic year, the Educational Complex "Ilim" begins the 27th academic year.
And we are pleased to announce the opening of a new set for the 2019-2020 school year from grade 1.

Psychological testing

19.06.08The school psychologist is an important unit in the education system. He builds the right program for the student based on the interview. The psychologist determines whether the child is ready for school or whether it is worth to wait for another year until the child’s psyche gains strength. And it depends not on the

Graduates of 2018-2019

19.08.22Congratulations to the graduates of 2018-2019 of Ilim Educational Complex on admission to universities and colleges in the country and abroad.
We are proud of you, we wish you prosperity in adulthood. We believe that victory and success will accompany you in everything!

"Literary Ilim"

19.08.21Today we want to share with you a story from the magazine "Literary Ilim". The story "Snow Leopard" was written by our ilimian Aslan Taalaibekov from 8-B class.
"I am a snow leopard. I live in the cold rocky mountains of Kyrgyzstan. I live in my own cave. Sometimes you have to change my home: two to three times a month.


19.08.07In the meantime, we are preparing for a new school year. The installation of a playground for junior and middle classes is in full swing. There is a preparation for rubber flooring. Installation of gaming equipment is almost finished. We look forward to our kids and the beginning of the school year!

Ilim in Canada

19.08.06Ilimians finished their monthly training in Toronto, Canada. Guldjamal Dzhusupbekovka, Executive Director of the Ilim Educational Complex, shared her impressions: "Children have made a big breakthrough in English: now spoken English is perfectly perceived by ear. During the month of their stay in Toronto

Lego and Robotics Perspectives

19.08.05Robotics is not only a useful and pleasant pastime, but also a guarantee of a successful future. Robotics combines several disciplines: programming, algorithms, logic, mechanics, mathematics and physics. The integrated lessons on LEGO and robotics in the framework of the schedule are held in our Educational

"Literary Ilim"

19.08.04In the Educational Complex "Ilim" there is a project - the magazine "Literary Ilim". Each Ilimian can become the author of this project. We present you one of the works of our students. It is called "Burdock":
“I am just surprised at the wisdom and generosity of Chamomile. Forgive father for