The research expedition to Talas

15.11.11-14Educational Complex "Ilim" completed research expedition in Talas and Talas oblasts. The children were in an unfamiliar region in the framework of the research work "Learning native land". Children visited the museum complex "Manas Ordo", the museum of Chingiz Aitmatov in his native village Sheker, met with

Olympiad in primary school

15.11.01-18From 1 to 18 November the first round of the Olympiad in English, Kyrgyz, Russian and mathematics was held in a primary school in grades 3 and 4. The best students have been declared to the 2nd round of the Olympiad. 12 pupils from 3rd and 4th classes participated in the 2nd round for each subject.

Mental arithmetic

15.11_03SMARTUM - is a network of centers of mental arithmetic and development of the intellect. We help children from 4 up to 16 years to develop their potential, enhance creativity and quick thinking by means of simple and exciting lessons. Mental arithmetic SMARTUM - an innovative, highly effective course


15.11_02What parents need to know about playing
"Chess - something more than just a game. It is an intellectual pastime, in which there are certain artistic properties and many scientific elements. For mental work chess mean the same thing as a sport for physical perfection: a pleasant way

Specialized Course in English

15.11Dear our parents,
We are pleased to inform you that English teacher Jonathan Rogers, a British citizen, a graduate of Cambridge University, began his work in Ilim from November this year.

Scientific-research conference

15.11.06November 6, 2015 was held scientific-research conference of pupils of the Educational Complex "Ilim". The pupils performed a great job under the guidance of their teachers during the 2014-2015 academic year and the best works were presented at this conference.

Sport game "Zarnitsa"

15.10.27October 27 the sport game "Zarnitsa" was held in the kindergarten of "Ilim" Educational Complex. Children of preparatory groups participated in this game. All participants showed their courage, skill and athletic skills.

Project as a teaching method

15.10.23Project activity is widespread in the educational complex "Ilim". It is not surprising, as it allows the formation of significant skills in students. Project technology is aimed at the development of cognitive, creative interests of students, the ability to search for information, to develop critical thinking.

Election of the President of the school

15.10.19The election of the President of the school took place in "Ilim" Educational complex on October 19. Three candidates applied for the presidency: Kursanali kyzy Aygerim – 11а class, Nurgaziev Aydar – 8а class, Saliev Talant – 11а class. Candidate who receives the absolute majority of votes becomes the President.

International Teachers' Day

15.10.05Dear collegues!
We congratulate you on the International Day of the teacher!
The uniqueness of the teacher's work is that its results are visible only decades later.