Tea Time Party

16.11.11November, 10 an English Art concert was conducted in Ilim. Children from 7-10 classes demonstrated their knowledge and skills in English, vocal, and choreography.
November, 11 there was held a traditional fair of English tea drinking.

A letter from the 2014-2015 graduates Volodya Pryadkin

16.11.10Hello! Everything is all right, thank you! Service... as always stable, nothing new, nothing old. Many studies, many sports, but for me it is not problem and difficulties because your school has formed me as a strong, responsible and intelligent man! I am very glad that I’ve ended "Ilim".

The intellectual game "Brain ring"

16.11.09November, 9 within a week of English language there were held the intellectual game "Brain ring" which was attended by children from the schools "Abiturient" and "Eureka". On this day, English was spoken, and friendship mutual.
November, 8 a festival of English songs was conducted for primary school

A week of English language

16.11.08Weekly program
November, 8 - 14.00-15.00 - Festival of English songs (1-4 classes)
November, 9 - 14.00-15.30 - The intellectual game "Brain ring"
14.00-15.30 - Watching a movie in English "The Jungle Book"

Initiation into the Ilim people

16.10.21October, 21 - «Initiation into the Ilim people». Educational complex "Ilim" took into its family new pupils and teachers. School Parliament organized a tour of the Educational Complex "Ilim", introduced the history and complex rules and also conducted the game to rally everyone to feel like a member of a single

The inauguration of President

16.10.17October 17 there was held inauguration of the president of the Educational Complex "Ilim" Salakhiddinov Sevara. In a solemn ceremony General Director Ibragimov G. D. asked the newly elected president to take the oath. Executive Director Esenalieva G. D. announced the inauguration of the president.

Club of Cheerful and Resourceful (KVN)

16.10.14October 14 the 12 season of KVN School League started at the Children's and Youth Centre Seytek. 4 teams were admitted to the first game. These teams are of schools No 61, 9, ILIM and team of Kara-Balta. Ilim shook the hall with its fans and its new team.

Election results

16.10.1212 October Election Commission announced the results of voting in the elections for the presidency of EC "Ilim". Salakhiddinov Sevara won in these elections, 102 students of Ilim voted for her. 74 votes were given for Emilia, for Andrey - 35 votes, for Aidar were given 32 votes, for Ruslan - 10 votes and two person voted

Presidential elections of the "School Parliament"

16.10.11October, 11 there were held election of the President of School Parliament of the educational complex "Ilim". The procedure of direct, secret voting was held during the school day. Adults and children from 5 to 11 classes participated in the voting. By results of voting, the candidate who receives the absolute majority of votes