Lego in kindergarten

19.08.03Child development from an early age is a priority for each parent! In the Educational Complex "Ilim" since the kindergarten children are taught to assemble LEGO designers and help them learn the basics of robotics. With the help of LEGO small Ilimians develop fine motor skills, learn to work in a team and stimulate

Rules of the road

19.08.02By the new school year, road signs, marking and a real little traffic light will appear on the territory of our school. We want to teach our students to cross the road according to the rules of the road. Kids will know by heart traffic signs and signals. And then they will feel much more confident in the conditions of a real busy street.

Ecological Club "Ilim"

19.08.01From an early age, we teach our children to take care of nature. Thanks to the ecological club "Ilim", urns for separate garbage collection appeared in our school.
We are pleased that our children are taking environmental initiative and developing their ideas. The future of the planet for a new generation!

Graduation party - 11 grade

19.06.13Our dear students of 11 classes! Difficult exams are now left behind. And a magical graduation party is waiting for you, which will provide an opportunity to forget about the upcoming difficulties and just have fun from the heart. You will remember it for the rest of your life, but you will remain forever in the hearts of

Unesco conference

19.06.12Our wonderful Guldjamal Dzhusupbekovna Esenalieva, Elmira Asanbaevna Sarkulova, Liyana Gumbatovna Mekhtieva and Alima Abdilakimovna Abdyvasieva at the UNESCO Conference. The theme of this conference is "Initiatives to safeguard intangible and cultural heritage through formal and non-formal education to

Graduation party - Grade 9

19.06.11Today is a holiday in our educational complex "Ilim"! We want to congratulate the students of the 9th grade on the successful passing of the examinations and the receipt of the first document on the completion of the basic general school. Have a great summer vacation! We will wait for you with new forces in the new


19.06.09SchoolNika! Say this code word to any Ilim citizen and his face will be lit up with a smile. And get ready, of course, to hear the story of how his graduation ceremony was memorable and interesting. There is a great tradition in our Educational Complex. If the last bell is the day when pupils say goodbye to the school and

Seminar for teachers

19.06.07Teaching - light! Holidays have already begun! But for the stuff of "Ilim" this is the time for self-development. During the holidays we learn. For example, recently we held a seminar on targeted groups "How to live and work with children". The educational complex "Ilim" keeps pace with the times and never stands still!

Final lesson

19.06.06Pupils of the group "Happy people" in kindergarten together with their parents held a final lesson and completed their school year. The guys showed their fathers and mothers what they learned in a whole year. The class was fun and lively with elements of mathematics, letters and TRIZ! Our children received medals of

Kindergarten EC "Ilim"

19.06.05We take care of the children while mom and dad are at work! The kindergarten also works in the summer period at the Ilim Educational Complex. Cognitive exercises, fun games, music lessons for toddlers, as well as delicious and healthy dishes for breakfast, lunch and afternoon tea will be pleasant to your kid.