Research work

19.03.18Research work in the educational complex "Ilim" is a common thing even for junior classes. The other day, we, together with the 2 "B" class, summed up the results of our research work on the topic "Bread is the main." Pupils presented their works to us, told about the most different varieties of bread all over the world and even

IKFF Kid’s Film Festival Awarding Ceremony

19.03.15On March 15, the Ceremony of Awarding of the first participants from Central Asia of the world's largest International Children's Film Festival (IKFF) took place. The founder and General Manager of IKFF - Seyid Sultan Ahmed arrived to Bishkek to the Ceremony of Awarding of participants from Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan from

UNESCO Associated Schools Conference

19.03.13March 13, 2019 The conference of UNESCO Associated Schools of Kyrgyzstan “Women and Girls in Science” was held in Ilim. Kyrgyz and foreign representatives of the UNESCO Foundation took part in it. And our young schoolgirls presented their research reports as part of their research papers on various topics for the

Forward to knowledges!

19.03.09The public education and popular science newspaper Kutbilim published the results of the first Republican Olympiad among students in grades 4-11 in English, Kyrgyz and mathematics. Ilimians proved to be very good at this Olympiad. In these three subjects, they received 45 prizes. And this is 14% of the number of all

The research activities of students

19.03.07Is it difficult to write scientific papers? After research work, Ilimians can cope with everything! The other day, the April TV channel visited 6th “B” class as part of the research work on the topics “Light Sensors and Their Applications” and “Creating Your Own Robot”.

Preparation for GRT

19.03.04GRT - an important stage in the life of the applicant. And therefore, each student must prepare for testing as well as possible. After all, what university will he enroll in and will he get a discount for paying for his further education depends on how successfully he pass the test.

March 8

19.03.08_01 March 8 unites all women, of any profession and age, in organic perfect whole. On this day you are particularly beautiful and respected.

We sincerely wish you love and understanding in the family, honor and success in work, as well as the warmth and tranquility in your hearts.

Innovative project "LEGO"

19.02.16Dozens of bright details from the Lego kits add up to construction vehicles, helicopters, houses, carousels, robots, and even a 3D printer! Miracle? Definitely. Man-made? Of course!
Schoolchildren of all ages love Lego designers, because it’s so interesting to feel

Club of Cheerful and Resourceful

19.02.15Yesterday the Ilim team conquered the scene of the Club of Cheerful and Resourceful, taking an honorable second place. Our guys did not have only 0.2 points to first place! But we are not upset, because in our club it is accepted to treat everything with humor. Also, our students received the best joke diploma for

Residential school

19.02.12School is not only school!
It is also teaching such important skills today as communication with people, the ability to apply knowledge in life. Many children may not receive these skills at school or in their free time. For this purpose, the Residential School practice is