Club Cheerful and Resourceful

19.05.11Ilimians are again on top! After all, if they participate in competitions, they never leave without a prize. The KVN school league cup passed the other day, in which our cheerful and resourceful guys took the third place and received the prize for the best joke of the whole game.

"Own game"

19.05.10You will say "children do not read books"? We will prove the opposite! Our students of 4 "A" class became record breakers of elementary school in the number of books read from the school library! In honor of this victory, we decided to conduct an intellectual game "Own game" for children.

Happy Victory Day!

19.05.06May 9 - the day when we honor the memory of the heroes of the Great Patriotic War. Our students offered and organized a trip to Victory Square. They laid flowers at the eternal flame, and then visited the veterans to congratulate and express sincere admiration for their heroism and thank for the peaceful sky.

Creating a robot from improvised means at Ilim TechLab

19.05.04What is the future of Kyrgyz robotics? Most of the robots today work on electricity and are controlled by expensive devices that require regular replacement of used parts, wires, etc. Our pupils - Esenova Aigerim and Grishaeva Arina offered an alternative to expensive robot manipulators in a limited budget.

Dance day

19.05.03Dance Day appears before us in the brightest colors. Joy and fun can be heard in the huge assembly hall. And what is behind the scenes? Very interesting question, because behind the scenes there are so many emotions, experiences, rehearsals, make-up and a slight tremor in front of the stage.

Ismart Robot Republican Olympiad

19.05.02We are glad to share another achievement of our Ilimians! The other day, the Ismart Robot Republican Olympiad 2019 was held at the International School “Silk Road Cambridge”. More than 100 participants aged from 8 to 18 years old took part in it. Despite the great competition, including participants from the regions, our

Kindergarten of EC "Ilim"

19.04.30Our kindergarten is a unique place. It is very interesting to watch our children grow up. We are sure that each of them will become a master of his craft in the future. And while they are still children, we have made for them a kind of fair of professions. Ilimians liked the open game without a script.

Research work

19.04.19We walked towards this for a long time and finally we can proudly say that the research work in the elementary school has been completed! And we celebrate such events in a special way. We hold large-scale research conferences, give presentations to our audience, organize concerts and treat guests with tasty treats.

"Ilimians" successes

19.04.18Our students, who left to live in St. Petersburg, conquer the cultural capital of Russia with their knowledge. Zhamal and Zhomart Bakirovs took 1st and 3rd places in the district competition in geography "I am a traveler" among students 8-11 classes. It is worth noting that the population of the Primorsky District, in which

Basic military training

19.04.17In a healthy body - healthy mind! With this motto, we went to the mountains for the weekend with the high school students of the men's club of the Ilim Educational Complex, in order to apply in practice all the material we learned in the pre-war lessons.