International Olympiad Infomatrix 2019

19.04.12"Ilim" is again on top! Recently, three of our students together with Ilim TechLab went to conquer Almaty in the international robotics tournament called INFOMATRIX 2019. Our heroes took the 3rd place in the tournament, beating more than 400 students in different categories from more than 30 countries:

Cleaning and Landscaping

19.04.11School is our second home! Therefore, on this spring day, we went to the whole work day with the whole school. After all, to take care of the home school, clean the area, whiten the trees to protect them from pests and update the paint on the benches and gazebos, you just need to work a little.

Club cheerful and Resourceful

19.04.10Hooray! Another achievement of Ilimians! KVN school league was held at the national center of children and youth "Seytek" the other day. Schoolchildren from all over Bishkek participated in the contest in order to in a fair battle of funny sketches and parodies, sparkling jokes and original songs to find out who is worthy

EC "Ilim" is 26 years old!

19.04.06April 6th is the birthday of our Educational Complex!
Congratulations to all Ilimians, favorite teachers and educators, as well as dear parents.
Smiles of friends and cares of relatives!

ISO 9001 certification

19.04.05Is the management system important in education? If you have already asked this question, then we hasten to answer it. Undoubtedly! Good management is the key to a successful and high-quality educational process. Every year we prove this by successfully confirming the ISO-9001 certificate of quality of education.

International English Olympiad

19.03.27Another great news! Our student of 10 "A" class, Alsu Sharshembieva participated in the International English Olympiad. "The world scholar's cup" - International Olympiad among high school students around the world. There were tasks on all aspects of the English language: writing, debate, reasoning, etc.

Ilim TechLab at the Education Festival

19.03.26The annual education festival organized by the Roza Otunbayeva Initiative Foundation will be held in Bishkek very soon! This year the festival promises to be very interesting, because the theme for 2019 is the Digital Generation of Kyrgyzstan: information and communication technologies and IT education.

Psychological support center

19.03.25The language spoken by children and adolescents is different from the language of the adult world. Therefore, it is so often that children are difficult with adults, and it is not easy for adults with children. The psychological support center of the Ilim Educational Complex is a helping hand, a bridge, a magic wand for children and

"Lost and found"

19.03.24It is always unpleasant and sad to lose your thing. All students of "Ilim" know this. That is why in our school there is a special shelf for lost things. Each Ilimian considers it his duty to bring the found thing to our "lost and found". And each student who has lost his belongings first of all goes to this shelf.

Library of EC "Ilim"

19.03.23Can you convince a child to read? The library is an important part of any educational process. The librarian of the Ilim Educational Complex does a lot to instill in children a love of reading. "Children are keenly interested in literature. We have a very large collection of rare books, many of them with inscriptions.