First Republican Olympiad in Ilim-Osh

18.11.24On November 24 and 25, our Osh branch hosted participants in the district tour of the First Republican School Olympiad. The guys had to try on the knowledge of mathematics, Kyrgyz and English. 56 schools took part in the Olympiad. On the first day 1850 schoolchildren came for testing, and on the second day 1371.

Interview with the organizers of the Olympiad

18.11.20The continuation of the first round of the First Republican Olympiad for students from 4 to 11 classes was held in the Educational complex "Ilim" this past weekend. In our spare time, we decided to interview the organizers of the Olympiad - the Araket Foundation.

Our Olympiad

18.11.19Dear friends! We continue to tell you how goes the First Republican Olympiad in mathematics, Kyrgyz and English for pupils of 4-11 grades.
71 pupils of the secondary school from Prigorodnoye village came to the district tour.

EC "Ilim" in the morning show "Early in the morning"

18.11.11The educational complex "Ilim" with Guldjamal Esenalieva and Nargiza Kapkova together with the Ilimians visited the morning show "Early in the Morning", where they told about the Complex, the teaching methods, and also shared their impressions of the international Olympiad in Antalya, from which the guys

I round of the First Republican Olympiad

18.11.10November 10, 2018 In the Ilim Educational Complex, the first day of the first round of the First Republican Olympiad in Mathematics, English and Kyrgyz among students in grades 4-11 was successfully held.
Our friendly staff met excited children and their parents.

International Olympiad in Antalya

18.11.05The 10th Anniversary International Olympiad was held in Antalya. Ilimians adequately took part in the competition in which students from the CIS countries and the Turkey competed.
We want to note that we have bypassed international schools in the competition of

Parents’ meeting

18.11.01Parents’ meeting is the main element of interaction between parents and educators.
So, the parents' meeting was held in the kindergarten of the Educational Complex "Ilim" in the group "Merry Men". Educators familiarized parents with the plan of

Seminar on the Development of Critical Thinking

18.10.31It is holidays now in the Educational complex "Ilim", but not for teachers! Yesterday, a seminar on the development of critical thinking through reading and writing was held at the school.
In the course of group work, the seminar participants expanded their knowledge

Miss & Mister Little-2018

18.10.26Wonderful news came to us from the world of fashion and beauty! The pupil of the elder group “Lesovichki” of our kindergarten Lev Panaseiko recently took part in the beauty contest Miss & Mister Little-2018 and received the title “2nd Vice-Mister”!

Psychological trainings

18.10.25The first semester of the school year is a special time for all schoolchildren, and especially for first-graders and fifth-graders. Both are harder to adapt, and therefore for the entire 1st semester, special trainings are conveniently included in the curriculum for them.