Dear parents!

18.10.24Do you want to "Ilim", but did not have time to navigate before the first of September? We hurry to please you: you can enter Ilim from any semester. Introductory testing can be conducted for your child individually.

Joint Message on the occasion of World Teachers’ Day

18.10.05Education is a fundamental human right and a public good. It transforms lives by driving economic and social development. It promotes peace, tolerance and social inclusion. It is key to eradicating poverty. And it enables children and young people to fulfil their potential.

October 5 - Teacher's Day

18.10.06Morning in Ilim began with a meeting of teachers and educators with applause and flowers.
Each Ilimian hurried to congratulate and express his gratitude to his teachers on Teacher's Day.

Preparation for General Republican Testing

18.10.02Preparation for the General Republican Testing (GRT) in the "Ilim" is included in the curriculum of 9, 10 and 11 classes.
This is what Tamara Akhmetovna Belokon, a teacher of Russian language and literature, tells about this component of school: "While preparing students

Preparation for school

18.10.01Good news for those who want to prepare their child for school, but do not know where they can turn.
In the senior and preparatory groups of our kindergarten there are several vacant places for children of 5-6 years old.

Football field for kindergarten

18.09.27This year, in Ilim, a separate football field was built specifically for kindergarten children.
Kids have their own trainer, not ilimians can register for classes.
This was an excellent addition to the already existing gym (we recall that it is

Training webinar "Lego"

18.09.25The introduction of special programs in schools that develop useful skills for children is happening all over the world. The educational complex "Ilim" has long been using construction and robotics as part of the educational process. Thanks to this, our students perfectly understand how the real life and abstract scientific

State Language Day

18.09.24Morning in the Educational Complex "Ilim" began with the virtuoso play of the ilimians on the komuz, a festive concert with vivid performances, as well as reading passages from the heroic epic "Manas".
Today we celebrate the State Language Day!

Football field

18.09.06The construction of a football field for a kindergarten is nearing completion. Opening is in a week!
Now we are waiting for even more sports events!

Outbound school

18.09.05Friends, our pupils are already on the Issyk-Kul coast!
Since 2008 it has become a good tradition of the Ilim educational complex to hold the first week of September in the format of an outbound school.
The outbound school is lessons, seminars and trainings, intellectual and business