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Why marks don’t matter anymore

Why marks don't matter anymore, and what the school should really teach children - Harvard graduate Shamil Ibragimov. Shamil Ibragimov is one of the rare people who, it seems, always knew which life...

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Men's club

The men's club was organized in 2012! This is a five-day training camp in the mountains for boys, accompanied by a geography teacher and a reserve officer Kanybek Isakov. Boys of grades 10 and 11...

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Congratulations to the graduates

Hooray! Our graduates have received certificates and are ready to enter a new adult life! We are sure that our guys will succeed and they will become worthy citizens of our country. Bon voyage, graduates! ...

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Decade "Art and Sport"

Many of us skipped physical education in childhood, forgot our uniforms at home, sat on a bench and perceived classes as a sports break and an opportunity to play a ball. In general, we did not take...

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Research work in kindergarten

Research work at the Ilim Educational Complex is a habit even for the smallest. From the very birth, the child becomes an explorer of this boundless world. He is interested in everything, he wants...

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"Ilim" is the best choice!

We are confident that the school should not only teach, but also inspire students to feats and achievements. ILIM is a full-time school, kindergarten, many sports clubs, a music school and a creative...

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Research work in elementary school

Do you know how chewing gum is made? Or where did the pen come from? And our students know the answers to such fascinating questions! Because the other day in Ilim, the results of design and research...

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