Loyalty Policy to customers

Loyalty – a sympathetic, trustworthy, correct attitude (Explanatory Dictionary of Politics M. Infaram. Publishing House "The whole world" D. Underhill, C. Barrett, P. Burnell in 2001)

Loyalty of Educational Complex "Ilim is expressed in the provision of preferences to customers to pay for additional services within the amount of payment for education at the state standard.
Specifically in the following areas:

Support for families of children - excellent students:

  1. Discounts excellent students in paying for education:
    • 1-4 classes – 10%
    • 5-9 classes – 15%
    • 10-11 classes – 20%
  2. Support for families with many children studying in EC "Ilim"
    • 5% discount in payment for education of second and subsequent children from the same family.
  3. Support for families with children with special needs studying in OK "Ilim"
    • Individual discounts for children with special needs under the decision of the Executive Board.

Support for families and children of graduates of EC "Ilim"

  • 5% discount for education and 50% to the entrance fee.

Child health care
As part of the tuition the following types of medical services for children are available:

  • At the beginning of the school year a full medical check-up of each child is carried out by specialists of polyclinics (ophthalmologist, neurologist, surgeon, ENT), with recommendations for doctors OK "Ilim".
  • Vaccination of children is carried out according to the immunization calendar of the Ministry of Health. (You do not have to go and stand in queues in clinics).
  • Current medical treatment of children for health reasons (injury, poisoning, feeling unwell, follow-up care).
  • Cards state the child's health are kept (the dynamics of growth rates, weight gain, diagnoses of morbidity, preparation of recommendations for parents on the treatment of children, etc.)

Psychological support for children and assistance to parents

  • The psychological examination of children's groups in order to identify problems, develop recommendations to further support.
  • Training for children groups for consolidation and improvement their motivation;
  • Testing of pupils of 9-11 classes to determine their predisposition to certain kinds of professional activity;
  • Correctional work of psychologists with parents, children and teachers on the issues (communication);
  • Psychological support for children with difficulties.
  • Creating a platform for the success for each Ilim pupil.

Correction of speech defects of kindergarten children

  • Examination of children by speech therapists to determine the presence speech defects.
  • Conducting group sessions to eliminate insignificant speech defects.
  • Advising parents and preparation of recommendations for further independent work with the child on the defects correction.
  • Individual sessions with a speech therapist on a fee basis are appointed only in cases of severe speech defects.

Ensuring the safety of children

  • food
  • physical
  • moral
  • information

Preparing graduates for passing the test on the English TOEFL, IELTS, IVT

  • As part of the mandatory curriculum program a native speaker Jonathan Rogers from England, a certified graduate of the London-based International Chamber, trained in the Cambridge English teacher program, conducts classes for students of 10-11 classes on the passage of the TOEFL, IELTS, IVT.
  • The club of English fans (conversational English) was organized in the school. It can be attend any school pupil.

Teaching children to play chess

  • In order to teach children logic, to develop their skills of concentration, for memory and discipline development, a compulsory subject "Chess" is included in the curriculum for 2-4 classes.