The mission of "ILIM"

Through the partnership of teachers, parents and students to the success of every person to the prosperity of the country!

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Reviews of our graduates

The guys had the last week of study, and then they will have an adult life! It's always hard to say goodbye, especially if the school has become a second home, and teachers and classmates have become...

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Reviews from preschoolers

The best praise for our kindergarten is the reviews of the preschool children themselves! They already missed their favorite playground, toys and educators very much. Well, in order not to be sad...

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Admission to kindergarten

We look forward to embracing our beloved preschool children! We are preparing to meet our new and old friends. Therefore, we remind you of the entry to the kindergarten EC "Ilim". We started admission...

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Distance education

And we are still studying! The end of the school year is getting closer, but the desire to learn has not diminished at all. The ability to abstract from the home atmosphere and immerse oneself in the...

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Parents about online study

What did the transition to online study give us? We thought a lot and talked about what gave us such a sharp and unforeseen reformatting. It turns out that a lot: We saw how our children can...

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Reviews of our parents

If you, as a parent, have an irresistible desire to say good words to teachers, then you were not mistaken with the choice of school. That is why, when words of gratitude come from our parents, we...

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Calendar of events

March, 16 – May, 30

Students finish school online

June, 1 - August, 31


June, 1

Children Protection Day

June, 1

Opening of the summer camp "Enthusiast"

About success and values

General Director of the Ilim Educational Complex Gaisha Ibragimova speaks about the importance of developing leadership skills

Video tour

Have you already been to visit us? No? What a pity, because it’s great here! We filmed a virtual tour of our complex for you, so that you can plunge into the atmosphere of our everyday life at a distance.

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Ibragimova Gaisha

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