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Children Protection Day

Children are the most precious, priceless, pure and bright thing on our planet. Today, in honor of Children Protection Day, our school hosted a grand celebration with the participation of all Ilimians...

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Summer in Ilim

We invite children and teenagers to spend an unforgettable, active and fun vacation in the summer camp "Enthusiast" on the territory of our school! The following awaits you: useful master classes robotics...

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Integrated Lessons

"Interesting! Informative! Creative!" - it's all about classes at OK "Ilim"! Integrated lessons, which are firmly entrenched in the curriculum of our school, not only help students: combine the...

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Ilim is the best choice!

Choosing a school is a very important decision. After all, parents choose not just an educational institution, but a place where their child's personality will be formed. Not only the educational...

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Psychological testing

Psychological readiness for studing at school is a complex indicator that allows you to predict the success or failure of a child's education in school. Our testing allows parents to see at what...

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Decade of sports

Sport is an integral part of the life of Ilimians! Everyone can choose their favorite sport here and improve in it! The last decade of sports and health in our school is coming to an end and we...

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Scientific Conference

So the scientific conference among students in grades 1-11 has ended. From the beginning of the academic year, Ilimians choose interesting topics, are divided into groups and become "young researchers". This...

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About success and values

General Director of the Ilim Educational Complex Gaisha Ibragimova speaks about the importance of developing leadership skills

Video tour

Have you already been to visit us? No? What a pity, because it’s great here! We filmed a virtual tour of our complex for you, so that you can plunge into the atmosphere of our everyday life at a distance.

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