Hymn of Educational Complex "Ilim"

ZhoginaA SitnikovaN
Music by А. Zhogina Lyrics by N. Sitnikova


(Literal translation from Russian)


The road to maturity begins from here

Classmates and friends around here

Opinions in the debate are born here,

Wide open hearts and minds are here.



"Ilim", you were not created ready for us,

"Ilim", we have chosen you ourselves,

"Ilim", you are my little homeland,

"Ilim" I love you so much!


The notions of honor are comprehended here,

You will understand the value of life.

Different destinies intersect here,

Here is an Island, where talented grow.




Glorious house - the creation of democracy.

Glorious house, where everyone feels light,

Devotion, and faith, and affection

Combined into the one thing.