History of school

  • Welcome to "Ilim" Educational Complex !

     Today you will become acquainted with a great team, "of Ilim", which has an interesting experience, achieves a specific purpose and is guided by universal standards of conduct. For you to be able to become a full member of our team and begin to contribute to our common cause, you need to find out our goals and objectives. Determine if our goals meet your personal beliefs and aspirations. It would also help to acquaint you with the standards of behavior that the team of "Ilim" is guided in its work.

    We begin acquaintance with Complex by clarifying its name. So, the full name of our Complex - "Ilim" Educational Complex (abbreviated "Ilim" EC).  In accordance with the definition in the dictionary, "education - is a process of learning, training, education", "complex" - from the Latin complexus – bond, compound, combination. "Ilim" - translation from Turkic "Science." Complex name symbolizes the aim of our activity: to provide the education for practical purposes, education that gives a person the applicable knowledge in life. More precisely, our goals are formulated as follows:

    Philosophy of "Ilim": Nature has given talents to each person, our task - to realize them with maximum diligence.

    The mission of "Ilim": "Through the partnership of teachers, parents and students to the success of every person to the prosperity of the country!"

     The main purpose of the Complex - is to teach a person to study, give him the tools that he could, and would love to learn throughout life, became a "lifelong successful student" , reaching full conceptual understanding of in studying material and the ability to apply learned in life. A real knowledge and skills open new horizons for the person, allow fully realize his potential, be happy and help others. By definition, a "student" - is "one who learns". "Learning" means "to use their mental abilities to comprehend some subject, the acquisition of knowledge and skills".

    The result of our education - graduate that has formed civil competence and scientific literacy.

    Civic competence (a concept introduced in the CC in 1995) - The ability to effectively organize the internal (knowledge, skills, psychological characteristics, etc.) and external (information, human, material, etc.) resources to achieve this goal.

    To date for the implementation of the above objectives, we have created a independent organization in Kyrgyzstan:

    • Educational Complex "Ilim" - 1993.
    • Charitable "Foundation for disabled children" - 1995.
      Purpose: To assistance education disabled children.
    • Branch in Osh - Educational Complex "Ilim - Osh" - 1996.
      Purpose: training and education.
    • Association "Union of educational institutions" - 1999.
      Objective: Legal protection of the interests of schools, unification of educational institutions of Kyrgyz Republic to find and implement the optimal forms and modes of education; organization of seminars, workshops, etc.
    • In February 2006, "Ilim" EC was granted the status of a pilot experimental platform of MES of KR on the issue, "Monitoring the effectiveness of the educational process".
  • Membership in public organizations:

    "Ilim" provides an opportunity for children and adults to get high quality education in various general subjects, special courses in-depth study of foreign languages. Centers can also carry out educational activities, and implement various social projects.

  • How it all began…

    "Ilim" did not immediately become the way it is now! History of Educational Complex "Ilim" started from April 6, 1993 in Bishkek. "Ilim" was created among the first non-governmental educational institutions included a kindergarten, school and 1 to Grade 11. We have our own anthem, flag and logo.

    Founders of "Ilim" EC are Ibragimov Gaisha Dzhusupbekovna, Esenalieva Guljamal Dzhusupbekovna.

    Must be said that before these women were engaged in variety of activities: Guljamal Esenalieva is economist, Gaisha Ibragimova is historian and archaeologist who worked as a history teacher, and the assistant principal.

    The idea of creating the school was born in a very difficult time for our nation, when old values were destroyed, new ones have emerged. And at that time there was a dream to create a school in which every student is successful. Its success stands on diligence, watered and by parents Love, and nurtured by Faith of teachers.

    "Ilim" EC gathered a group of like-minded people in 1993. It rented a room in secondary school number 62 for students, and a building of kindergarten № 177 for kindergarten, and started its activity. Management responsibilities were distributed. Esenalieva G. D. led Kindergarten; Ibragimova G. D. led the school process. But they desired to combine all the processes of education and training to make a transition of children from kindergarten to school more painless. And in June 1995 the document on the ownership of the premises of former kindergarten number 80 before related to the plant "Fizpribor" was obtained.

    After collapse of the Soviet Union (USSR) in 1991, funding for the social sector has been discontinued. People had not been paid salaries, and the administration of the kindergarten № 80 was forced to close one of the buildings: groups were cut off heating, electricity, water, repairs were not made. The rooms and grounds were in a deplorable state: the rotten floors and a leaking roof, there was no appropriate furniture.

    In this regard, the first few years OK "Ilim" all the money spent to repairs the building and grounds. It was very, very hard. As they say, the road by walking. Today we are proud to demonstrate our achievements in the arrangement of the Complex.

  • Since 1993, was done:

    • overhaul of the building and the roof overlap;
    • reconstruction of classrooms (2 buildings);
    • constantly updated school furniture in each class and group of kindergarten;
    • repaired and a refitted dining premises (400 seats), organized quality three meals a day;
    • distributing unit is equipped with electric heating;
    • for the catering department purchased electric cookers, refrigerators and electric kitchen appliances;
    • in 1998 is installed and running independent electric heating. We have abandoned the centralized heatingthat allowed to regulate themselves thermal mode and duration of the heating season in the complex;
    • installed PBX system with 16 internal lines with the city access;
    • Center of individual formation with individual cabins for lessons were opened;
    • were equipped cabinets of labor, physics, history, English, Kyrgyz languages, music studio, a sports hall for kindergarten, two computer labs (40 computers) and more than 30 computers in the administration building with access to the Internet;
    • constantly updated software of computer network;
    • November 2002 was established a local fiber optic LAN Internet, Wi-Fi;
    • constantly updated library fund;
    • purchased and used in the classroom today TCO, namely, interactive whiteboards, projectors, DVD, stereos, televisions, tape recorders, slide Osprey, the electron microscope, printers, copiers, scanners, photo-video cameras, music equipment for festive show programs;
    • in 2007, was completed just one administrative building, where the Center of psychological support;
    • there is a playground for children of kindergarten: gazebos, swings, slides, held drinking fountains;
    • in 2012 was finished 3rd floor, increased central hall, built boiler, built a brick fence perimeter of the school;
    • annual landscaping carried out;
    • in 2014, the buildings were insulated and painted, courtyard was paved with stone blocks.

    The team of teachers has not stood still in the implementation of innovative educational programs in teaching. The best evidence - the happy faces of the children that go to classes. Here, children not only learn the subject, but step by step returned their faith in themselves and in their abilities, parted with labels. It was worth to work day and night.

    Thus the experience accumulated materials were corrected. we have to act to the touch, look for solutions. There were annoying mistakes and failures, but each failure gave invaluable experience, which was recorded in the form of organizational policies (rules of interaction among staff of the organization) and technical developments. Thus, for example, was found reason why children dropped out of school as soon as they obtained first results; a system of correctional education and methods of working with foreign children were developed.

    Found that it is possible to rehabilitate the child's ability to learn and understand. For this, June 1 1998 Center of Individual Education (CIE) was organized as a division of the "Ilim" Educational Complex. Center was originally named as "Center of home education". The center was aimed at children who do not have the opportunity to go to school because of physical disability. In 1999, the Center was renamed the "Center for Individual Education" (CIE), which started to teach not only children who need rehabilitative programs, and require greater attention to themselves, as well as children who have extraordinary thinking, and children - foreigners.


    • A new three-story building is built and equipped;
    • The paving stone is placed in front of the third building, the enclosing fence between the 2nd and 3rd buildings and benches with a canopy from UF - 5 pcs are installed;
    • The video surveillance system is installed in 3 buildings;
    • The following technical equipment was purchased: projectors-5 pcs, amplifier-1 pc, interactive whiteboards-5 pcs, computers-8 pcs;
    • Followings are purchased: carpeting for groups of kindergarten – 10 pcs, curtains – for 5 groups, toys for 4 groups of kindergarten;
    • A specialized rubber coating was laid in the sports hall of the kindergarten, which protects children when they fall;
    • The kitchen unit was repaired, and such equipment as marmites, refrigerator, utensils were updated;
    • National costumes were purchased in the school costume, and themed costumes for the kindergarten.


    • In the music hall of the kindergarten and the small assembly hall of the first building, the interior was repaired and replaced;
    • A specialized rubber coating was laid on the playgrounds of the kindergarten, which protects children when they fall;
    • New outdoor gaming equipment installed on the playgrounds of the kindergarten
    • Technical equipment was purchased: video server-1, computers-10, MFU-3, notebooks-4, projector-15, sound amplifier-1, electronic boards-10, WiFi router-1, demonstration equipment for biology lesson-1
    • carpet in classes-15 pcs
    • A birch alley of 20 trees was planted;
    • A football field with separate locker rooms, shower cabins was built;
    • For the safety of children when opening the windows in the first and second buildings was installed a protective equipment.

    For 2018, in order to improve the infrastructure of Ilim EC, the quality of educational services and increase customer satisfaction:

    A. Purchased equipment:

    • Interactive boards - 5 pcs
    • MFP - 5 pcs
    • Computers - 33 pcs
    • Laptops - 3 pcs
    • Projectors - 2 pcs
    • Printers - 2 pcs
    • CCTV cameras - 26 pcs
    • Electric piano in the large assembly hall.

    B. Were built:

    • Football field with professional coverage for kindergarten for football school “Chempionica”.
    • Sports ground for kindergarten and elementary school for volleyball and basketball.
    • The worn out area in front of the playgrounds of the kindergarten was covered with new paving stones.
    • Fencing the territory of Ilim on the east side and strengthening the fence to protect against the entry of unauthorized persons.

    C. Landscaping was carried out (birch, chestnut and willow trees were planted);

    D. A project for the construction of playgrounds for an elementary school was developed and approved by the Founders. Since April, work on the construction and purchase of sports and gaming equipment begins.

  • What is the difference of "Ilim" from other schools

     This is the most frequently asked question!

    Imagine a small island where there is a cute little house, surrounded by pine trees, birch trees and beautiful greenery. The island's history began with the dream of making every student successful!

    Today "Ilim" - a place of unity of pupils from around the world. It is well known that if a child is cozy and comfortable after lessons, then he learns better. Galleries with flowers and upholstered furniture, dining room, basketball court and much more allow children to feel the warmth of the hearth. Originality in approach, a pronounced feature of the image, diversity of educational and social activities allow everyone to learn to be successful.

    Unity of teachers with students and parents and a genuine love for the children - that's the difference "of Ilim"!

     13 reasons why your child will be good in "Ilim":

    1. The team of qualified teachers and educators work with your child.
    2. Training program pays special attention to the study of foreign languages, the development of creativity and imagination, and the formation of civil and personal position, the ability to work independently with the information, form and express their opinions, to maximally develop the intellectual potential and social skills of a child.
    3. Timetable was drawn up taking into account the health-saving mode: alternation of mental and physical activity, 30-minute lessons, moving breaks, division of the academic year for 5 semesters.
    4. Team of school psychologists will always help find a solution in a difficult situation.
    5. During the afternoon doing his homework, your child will always receive advice and assistance.
    6. Organized leisure - projects, mugs, elective courses, music school, and sports clubs - will help to open the creative potential.
    7. Internet access, a library, two computer labs are available for your child at any time.
    8. Your child at any time will receive first medical and drug assistance. Once a year, a general medical examination by specialists and preventive measures throughout the academic year.
    9. Sporting festivals, environmental trainings, sports days, hardening, a trip to the pool will enhance your child's health.
    10. Your child is provided with 3 single balanced nutrition, according to his national preferences and age features.
    11. The security is guaranteed for your child.
    12. At any time you can ask for help or get the information you need from the head teacher, teacher, curator, psychologist, or doctor.
    13. Partnerships of children and teachers create an atmosphere of forming a free person with critical thinking.
  • Our dreams

     "Not everything was settled immediately, Moscow was not built at once …" - sung in the famous song of Y. I. Vizbor. These same words can be said about improving the structure of EC "Ilim" everything was done and is being done gradually, our dreams grow with us.

    The dream may be implemented, so ilim people sincerely believe that they will have:

      • Sports complex that includes:
        • a swimming pool,
        • facilities for football,
        • basketball,
        • volleyball,
        • locker room.

    • A separate housing with a swimming pool for children of kindergarten.
    • 3-storey building, where will be located the offices of information technology.
    • Underground parking.