Professional education in the field of IT technologies

Educational Complex Ilim is pleased to announce that the vocational training program in IT technology already launched.

  • For young people aged 14 years and over
  • Those who want to learn a profession and earn well
  • Become a programmer and creator of the computer world
  • Especially if you feel that programming - it's your element

We literally take you by the hand and lead into the profession. If you carefully pass our course and then pass your internship successfully, you with a high probability will be able to apply on a starting salary in a size $300-$400. You will be able to grow professionally and moving up on a quarry stair in the field of IT easily and sure.

More detailed about courses

We suggest to study a profession from the ground up. You will have to pass a way from a man, knowing Word, to the highly sought specialist.

I stage - we study bases of programming, algorithms and principles of application development.
II stage - programming in high level languages and learn to create your first application.
III stage - we work out the real problems, create practical applications, informative systems and study the newest going near to process of SOFTWARE development.

  • Course of CS50
    The program CS50 will become an excellent base for the deep understanding and development in professions related to programming.
  • A graphic design and Web make-up
    You will be prepared to the profession of Front-end of web-developer or graphic designer. The specialists of this profession are claimed in the whole world.
  • Courses of roboto-technique of Lego Education and Arduino
    Courses which will allow knowing how the intellectual systems, systems of automation and management work. On this base you will be able independently to create the «clever house» and any AI system.

It is not simple courses, but it is the complex incremental system of preparation
of specialists of wide type in the field of IT at advanced level.