The course of "Self-knowledge"

A new course called "Self-knowledge" has started in "Ilim". This course is held in a training format that involves deep immersion in the topic. We worked on this topic for a long time, but now we were able to arrange it in the form of a training module.

The course is aimed at understanding skills to form itself in children and teenagers. In the information age, when a huge flow of information falls on a young people, they must be aware of this information and at the same time learn to listen to themselves, to understand and accept, manage themselves, make decisions, defend their position. This is a first big task of the course.

The second big task, which is now spoken throughout the world, is that life requires of man not only logical, but also creative thinking, ie, the ability to express themselves, the lack of fear of their own otherness of the others. To do this, man needs to understand who he is, what he values, to see and respect the values of others, understand that he is a man and a citizen, a member of the society. And, of course, to see his own talents and be able to use them.

That's what our CEO Gaysha Dzhusupbekovna tells about this.