History of school

Welcome to "Ilim"
Educational Complex!

Today you will become acquainted with a great team, "of Ilim", which has an interesting experience, achieves a specific purpose and is guided by universal standards of conduct. For you to be able to become a full member of our team and begin to contribute to our common cause, you need to find out our goals and objectives. Determine if our goals meet your personal beliefs and aspirations. It would also help to acquaint you with the standards of behavior that the team of "Ilim" is guided in its work.

We begin acquaintance with Complex by clarifying its name. So, the full name of our Complex - "Ilim" Educational Complex (abbreviated "Ilim" EC). In accordance with the definition in the dictionary, "education - is a process of learning, training, education", "complex" - from the Latin complexus – bond, compound, combination. "Ilim" - translation from Turkic "Science." Complex name symbolizes the aim of our activity: to provide the education for practical purposes, education that gives a person the applicable knowledge in life. More precisely, our goals are formulated as follows:

Philosophy of "Ilim"

Nature has given talents to each person, our task - to realize them with maximum diligence.

The mission of "Ilim"

"Through the partnership of teachers, parents and students to the success of every person to the prosperity of the country!"

The main purpose of the Complex - is to teach a person to study, give him the tools that he could, and would love to learn throughout life, became a "lifelong successful student", reaching full conceptual understanding of in studying material and the ability to apply learned in life. A real knowledge and skills open new horizons for the person, allow fully realize his potential, be happy and help others. By definition, a "student" - is "one who learns". "Learning" means "to use their mental abilities to comprehend some subject, the acquisition of knowledge and skills".

The result of our education

graduate that has formed civil competence and scientific literacy
Civic competence (a concept introduced in the CC in 1995) - The ability to effectively organize the internal (knowledge, skills, psychological characteristics, etc.) and external (information, human, material, etc.) resources to achieve this goal.
To date for the implementation of the above objectives, we have created a independent organization in Kyrgyzstan:
  • Educational Complex "Ilim" - 1993.
  • Charitable "Foundation for disabled children" - 1995.
    Purpose: To assistance education disabled children.
  • Branch in Osh - Educational Complex "Ilim - Osh" - 1996.
    Purpose: training and education.
  • Association "Union of educational institutions" - 1999.
    Objective: Legal protection of the interests of schools, unification of educational institutions of Kyrgyz Republic to find and implement the optimal forms and modes of education; organization of seminars, workshops, etc.
  • In February 2006, "Ilim" EC was granted the status of a pilot experimental platform of MES of KR on the issue, "Monitoring the effectiveness of the educational process".


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