Center of psychological support

Purpose: To promote the creation of conditions for optimal personal development of children and social adaptation. Promote the protection of individual rights under the Convention on the Rights of the Child.


  • Psychological diagnostics of different profile and mission, to determine further educational path in the complex.
  • Correctional work in an individual mode on the basis of psychological imprisonment in accordance with the possibilities of age and intellectual development of the student.
  • Promoting positive "I - concepts" student, his sense of confidence, adequate self-esteem, the ability to navigate life in a variety of situations, communication skills.
  • Implementation of psychological support for parents (replacing individual), consultations with a view to improving the socio - psychological competence.
  • Providing advice to teachers, parents in creating an environment that develops the student’s features of active, independent, responsible person, in choosing this educational route and micro environmental communication to which they can successfully adapt.
  • Help teachers and parents to organize the process of social adaptation.
  • Conduct social - psychological training in various areas:
    • communication training
    • socio-psychological competence
    • Personal Growth
    • Leadership Development
    • prevention of STIs and HIV / AIDS

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