Health of children

Every parent wants to see his child cheerful, healthy, mentally and physically developed.
To do this, along with the children in the kindergarten classes receive medical observation.

Main objective: along with providing of quality education to maintain and improve the health of the child.

We provide:

  • treatments and preventive measures;
  • inspection by narrow specialists;
  • at the appropriate time to carry out inspection of anthropometry;
  • observation of newly admitted children;
  • seek counseling and follow-up care after an illness;
  • prevention of visual acuity;
  • prevention and treatment of disorders of the musculoskeletal system
  • recreational activities;
  • Antiepidemic work;
  • Prevention of gastro-intestinal and viral infections;
  • Talk about personal hygiene and hygiene of premises;
  • preventive examinations and Mantoux test.
  • daily wet cleaning of premises and common areas.

The state of health largely depends on the proper organization of supply.
Properly balanced meals increase the overall resistance child's body.

Preserve and improve the visual acuity of children by the method Doctor of Medicine N. Bazarny.

This learning process involves the creation of conditions favorable to the maintenance of visual acuity.

The purpose of the training in the mode distance vision:

  • The first is health promotion through improved view, the development of visual memory, orientation in space.
  • This activity enhances the effectiveness of visual perception and the harmonious development of visual functions.

A distinctive feature of the process called "training in the mode of distance vision", is that after the preset of visual acuity (according to Table of Novikov), for each child is determined by the individual working distance corresponding to the maximum sharpness of his vision.
For each child is fixed his workplace on the floor with a label.
Child will be placed at this place during the class.
Demonstration material is chosen of maximum small size for lessons.
Materials selected to meet the tasks of teaching children of senior and preparatory groups.
Students are invited to consider pictures and describe as much as possible details on them. Search for the most fine details on pictures are encouraged.
Then the children answer questions and make up a story.
We work with numbers, letters, words, and images of objects. Count and compare them.

To activate the mental activity of the child open questions are asked:

  • What can this be?
  • What happened before?
  • What will happen then?
  • What do you think?
  • Who can have it more?
  • What can we do with this more? Etc.

Estimated lesson time 15-20 minutes.

Due to the novelty and diversity of material interest to the lesson increases, changing jobs does not allow children to tire.
Search for bright spots on the walls designed for mobile minutes (pictures, letters, words) causes children to move in different directions, which strengthens the eye muscles and neck muscles.
Classes help to reduce fatigue. Reduced risk of myopia.


The measurements of visual acuity of children are carried out before classes begin and indicators of measurements are taken. Several times during the year the dynamics of improvement of visual acuity are shown.

VISION - that's life. SAVE VISION!
Stay always healthy WITH YOUR CHILDREN!


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