Health of children

Every parent wants to see his child cheerful, healthy, mentally and physically developed.
To do this, along with the children in the kindergarten classes receive medical observation.

Main objective: along with providing of quality education to maintain and improve the health of the child.

We provide:

  • physical education classes;
  • morning exercises;
  • outdoor walks;
  • outdoor activities;
  • use of the KUV lamp after past illnesses - physiotherapy;
  • treatments and preventive measures;
  • inspection by narrow specialists;
  • at the appropriate time to carry out inspection of anthropometry;
  • observation of newly admitted children;
  • recreational activities;
  • Antiepidemic work;
  • Prevention of gastro-intestinal and viral infections;
  • Talk about personal hygiene and hygiene of premises;
  • preventive examinations and Mantoux test.
  • daily wet cleaning of premises and common areas.

The state of health largely depends on the proper organization of supply.
Properly balanced meals increase the overall resistance child's body.


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