Terms of admission

Dear parents
Please read the terms of admission to educational complex "Ilim".

If you have any questions, you can contact our manager by phone 0770330323.

1. Registering a student in the Customer Care department (office 214/1).

2. Passage entrance test for students:

  • 1st class - the psychological test (cost 500 KGS)
  • 2 - Grade 11 - psychological test, the test subject: Mathematics, Russian, English (cost 1000 KGS)

3. Employee of the "Customer support" presents the results of the first testing to parents.

4. Pupil enrollment occurs on the basis of the results of the first testing.

5. Compulsory payments:

  • Entrance fee,
  • 3 meals a day,
  • Training.

6. Discounts:

  • on the second and subsequent children - 5%
  • when the student graduated from the academic year as "excellent" – 10% at primary school, 15% at secondary school, 20% at senior school
  • students who complete the academic year with "excellent" marks are awarded with valuable prizes.

7. Documents required for admission to the EC "Ilim" - school, kindergarten:

  • Private student records where must be: photography, school stamp, evaluation, signatures;
  • Copy of birth certificate of a child;
  • Copies of parents' passports;
  • Medical documents: form No. 063 on vaccinations, form No. 026 on the state of health; (for kindergarten - a certificate from the pediatrician that the child is healthy and can attend the children's team).
  • For students in grade 10 - a certificate of graduation 9th grade;
  • Signed contract in duplicate parents, guardians;
  • Photo 3x4 (1 pc) for children entering grade 1 and kindergarten.
  • For foreign students - a notarized translation of documents into Russian: passports, medical documents, vaccination certificate, a folder for a personal file, information about parents, guardian.


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