Quality Management System ISO 9001:2015

Mission of "Ilim": Through partnership of teachers, parents and students to the success of everyone, to the prosperity of the country!

Philosophy: Nature has given talents to every person, our task is to realize them with maximum diligence.


  1. Teach a person to learn, give him the tools so that he can, want and love to learn throughout his life, become a "lifelong successful student", achieving full conceptual understanding and ability to apply knowledge and skills in life while studying the material.
  2. Meeting the needs of all stakeholders: students, teachers, founders, administration, parents, community and government.

To achieve the declared quality, the management of OK "Ilim" intends to work in the following strategic directions:

1. Quality management. Improve the management system of the educational complex by introducing a quality management system for compliance with ISO 9000 international standards, with internal and external monitoring of achievements.

2. Educational policy. Define as a paradigm of education - civic competence of students, which includes knowledge, skills and competencies.
To improve the quality of education in terms of the competencies of students and optimize the education process by introducing IT technologies into the educational process.
Ensure student success through the Self-Discovery Program.

3. Educational environment. To create an educational environment in which a personality is formed, who is capable of using freedom for the benefit of himself and others, realizing and accepting responsibility for his actions, having power over his actions.

4. Material-technical and educational-methodical base. Create material, technical and methodological conditions, in accordance with world trends, for comfortable and productive work of students, teachers and all employees of EC "Ilim".

5. Personnel policy. The main principle of the personnel policy of EC "Ilim" is competence, high personal and corporate ethics, respect for partners, which are students, colleagues, parents and external partners.
Provide access to advanced training for each employee of EC "Ilim".
Pursue the Employee Motivation Policy based on the principle of encouraging achievement and initiative.

The management of EC "Ilim" undertakes to ensure compliance with all stated goals, to constantly improve and enhance the effectiveness of the education quality management system.


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