Parents are tormented by one serious question: where can my child feel most comfortable? Where can he be himself and no one, neither teachers nor students, will condemn him? A place where child support is at the highest level, where a teacher is not just a source of knowledge, but also a reliable and faithful mentor.
If you are looking for a good kindergarten or school with caring teachers, then I advise you a cozy and incredibly wonderful corner, whose name is OK "Ilim". This place will teach your child to be independent, not to be afraid of difficulties, that whatever obstacles they have in their life, they will be able to overcome them. They will teach him to think creatively and outside the box, they will be able to develop leadership skills and a lot of things that most school institutions will not be able to.
I spent almost 13 years here. I can say that I will never feel such an atmosphere again as in Ilim. The people around you will always cheer you up and will not leave you. The relationship between students is amazing! Everyone is happy to help not only a neighbor on the desk, but also from a parallel class or older. Friendly and respectful guys, these are our Ilimians.
I won’t say that it’s not like that at the college where I study now, but every time I entered the territory of Ilim, a smile appeared on my face by itself. The feeling of anticipation of another wonderful day made me come here again and again. Now I only regret one thing - after spending so much time here, I was not able to spend my last two years at school - 10th and 11th grades.
Ilim is a place that keeps a lot of moments, both happy and not so, but nevertheless this place has become much more than just a school for me. You became my home, my family, my warmest memory! THANK YOU so much for everything!
Ramis Ibragimov, 2021 Ilim graduate
They say that leaders are born as leaders, but I personally believe that people become leaders in such educational institutions as ILIM.
ILIM is a place that has its own philosophy, like-minded teachers who live by this philosophy, who literally help to grow small, sometimes invisible seeds inside us, revealing our talents and helping to become leaders, if not in a society, then in our own life.
Sharafiddin Salakhiddinov, Ilim graduate, FLEX (Future Leaders Exchange) program participant
Dear Tatyana Ivanovna, Elena Mikhailovna and Elena Alexandrovna!
Thank you very much for bringing up and training my daughter Olesya, for your systematic and painstaking work. Olesya learned a lot for this year, which she conducted in the preparatory group. The "race" in her development for this year is very high. Thank you for the wonderful, interesting matinees, for the remarkably organized graduation party. Such matinees as yours do not have anywhere else.
We appreciate and love you, we will always remember you!
Mikhail Matasov Olesya’s father
Thanks to you all (all teachers) for your attention, care and good knowledge, given to my granddaughter (Ligai Cristina). I am very pleased that she studied at the school "Ilim". She will continue her studies in America. She tells me: "I will never forget this school, it will remain in my heart for life." Thank you for everything! I wish you all good health, prosperity, personal happiness for each teacher. Thanks again!
With deep respect, Ligai Christina’s Grandmother from the 7th "B" class
Tatyana Alekseevna and Margarita Andreevna!
We were very lucky with you. I cannot even imagine a better educators for my Demi. The real recognition of the human qualities and professionalism of a teacher – is a love from our kids and a deep respect from us, the parents. I think you deserve it at 100%. Thank you for your patience, care and affection, understanding and sincerity. During the past year, I saw that it was not just an ordinary work for you; you put your soul in our children. It is very difficult to express my gratitude in words. But I know that our kids for the rest of their life will remember these important people. Thanks again!
Р.S. Not only children feel good with you. We also do ...
Tahmina and Mederbek Jalilov’s
Dear Olga Mikhailovna, Tatyana Alexeyevna, Victoria Yuryevna!
With all my heart I would like to thank you for contributing to our family and the upbringing our Nural! Your work, your contribution to the future of our children is invaluable! Every day, we see the result of your work in intelligence, spiritual development, even in the resourcefulness of our children. Your kindness and patience have been reflected in the characters of children. You taught them the things that, by definition, the parents cannot give their children. Time flies unnoticed and our kids will make their first steps in an independent way to school life soon, but I know that each of them will surely remember you! Peace, happiness and prosperity to you and your family!
Best wishes Ainura Usupbekovna
Dear educators!
Let me express my deep gratitude and say "thank you" for your emotional and sensitive attitude to our kids. Thank you for not staying on the sidelines and believe in our children, for being patient and together with us are striving for and rejoice with every success every day and hour. Thank you for teaching our kids to be kind, honest and caring. Let the kindness and wisdom of your heart never end!
Parents of Almira Almuratova
We express our deep gratitude to our dear and respected educators!
Tatyana Alekseevna, Margarita Andreevna and attendants Victoria and Tatiana! Over the year you have been with us, you fed, put on the shoes and dressed our children. You cared and protected our most sacred treasure - our children. We heartily thank you for your concern!
Yours faithfully Svetlana, Amir-Ali’s mom


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