CSIP – path to the creativity


Now need people who able to:

  • make unconventional decisions;
  • who are able to think creatively;
  • observe;
  • compare;
  • seek solutions;
  • think out;
  • fantasize;
  • be included in creativity and search activity.

Principles of selection of games, tasks and exercises for CSIP (creative solving inventive problems):

  • from simple to difficult;
  • from the fabulous fantasy to abstract thinking;
  • from overcome stereotypes (the fox is always tricky, Bun always pity);
  • copy to creativity;
  • from scattered facts to search regularities;
  • from monofunctional to multifunctionality;
  • многофункциональности;
  • from "want" to "must";
  • from uncertainty to certainty.


We modify, convert, combine existing ideas of a memory and create relatively new images and situations on this basis.

A child who had lessons of CSIP gets:

  1. Ability to comprehend the situation and make a decision.
  2. Ability to designing.
  3. Developed imagination.

And all together - informational competence - "I know how to get information from the world around!"

CSIP - a "magic wand", which can be used to teach:

  • read, count and write;
  • think and reason;
  • invent and prove;
  • compete. If there's no one to compete with, at least compete with yourself.

Experienced teacher Kuznetsova E. M. teaches CSIP lessons. Children gladly solve inventive problems.

S. Amonashvili outstanding teacher who conducted classes for our children highly appreciated results obtained by Elena Mikhailovna on the development of logical thinking of children.


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